by Keith Mantegna, Owner, Two Mamas Gourmet Pizzeria

Prescott LIVING: In your opinion, what’s the “secret” to a good pizza? Is it in the dough, the cheese, the sauce itself…or maybe something else entirely?

Mantegna: Quality, fresh ingredients plus homemade ingredients, such as sauces and dough. You need the timely prepping of toppings and the right blend of sauce, cheese and toppings.

Prescott LIVING: What type of pizza do you offer? (For example, New York or Chicago style, wood-fired, etc.)

Mantegna: Thin crust, hand-tossed, pan and gluten-free. I like to say, “Prescott Style!”

Prescott LIVING: What’s the most popular pizza you serve at your establishment?

Mantegna: The Supremo is our top-seller of our specialty pizzas. Our ‘Build Your Own’ sells more and is very popular, each custom-made to the customer’s liking. With over 60 toppings available, there’s not any one specific combination that I can say is the most popular.

Prescott LIVING: How do you cook your pizza?

Mantegna: We use a double-deck conveyor oven. Our thin, hand-tossed and gluten-free go though the top at the same time and temperature. Our pan pizzas go through the bottom oven at a slower speed.

Prescott LIVING: Where did you learn how to make pizza?

Mantegna: Right here in Prescott at Two Mamas Gourmet Pizzeria.