In this town, there is nothing that cannot be achieved, because we have the spirit of givers.

by Judy Bluhm, REALTOR®, Century 21 AZ West

Recently, our fair City of Prescott has been named as one of the “Top Ten” places to live, play, work and retire in the United States. The “rating scales” list virtues like affordable housing, vibrant downtown activities, mild four seasons, colleges, a robust art community, top-notch medical facilities, a variety of events, concerts, rodeos, culturally interesting things to do, plenty of lakes and parks and a positive economic outlook. What wasn’t mentioned here?

The People. Yes, the reason many of us moved to Prescott are contained in the list above. But, what is the reason we stay? The folks who live here know one thing to be true – life is better here. And it’s not because of a view, lake or downtown parade. It’s the people who make this town the No. 1 place to live. And once you have “started drinking the Kool-Aid,” you will know what I mean. We are a town of “friends.”

We Volunteer. Perhaps no other town in America has as many volunteers per capita. We have people getting up every day and doing the incredible “work” of cooking, packaging and driving for Meals on Wheels. We have volunteers helping children, rocking babies in shelters, searching for stray cats and dogs, rescuing horses, reading to children, helping with veterans, caring for homeless and donating to the needy and less fortunate. In this town, there is nothing that cannot be achieved because we have the spirit of givers.

We Love Local. We live and buy and work local. OK, so the Internet is factoring in to all of our lives, but go downtown any day and stroll around the square. Check out shops like the French Hen, which might have the best women’s clothing in North America! Or, stop by the Newman Gallery and find every treasure, large and small, that you could ever imagine. Hungry? Stop by the Lone Spur Cafe for a huge Western-style breakfast, or maybe grab a drink at the Prescott Brewing Company. In other words, it is ALL RIGHT HERE in the heart of our beautiful little town square!

The Great Outdoors. Yes, we have the most beautiful lakes, trails and scenery of anywhere in the world! We can walk around Lynx Lake and feel so close to nature that we cannot believe how close we are to town! Go for a leisurely stroll; take a hike; drop your kayak in the water; maybe go fishing or enjoy a picnic with friends, because it is all waiting for us at this one, fine park. Also, there are the Thumb Butte Trail and campsites awaiting us at Granite Basin. Beauty, peace and serenity are all within a few-miles radius of this amazing town! And if hiking is not your “cup of tea,” then sit on your patio and sip a cup of something tasty while enjoying the birds, nature, mountains, trees and wildlife that will come to greet you. Prescott is all about the outdoors.

Arizona Lifestyle. And we don’t even have backyard pools! Friends from the Valley-of-the-Constant- Summer-Inferno are always amazed when they come up to Prescott. We have big shade trees, cool breezes and green grass. Life is different here. We can walk barefoot in the park (in Phoenix this would result in third-degree burns). Our kids, grandkids and pets can run around like crazy in the summer. We can actually play baseball on a summer’s evening or watch an outdoor concert in the square. We can eat an ice cream cone outside and not have it melt away.

Prescott might not be perfect. Or maybe it is. And those of us, who are blessed to call this place home, know exactly why we are here.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a comment or a story? Email Judy at judy@judybluhm.com.