by Tracey Horn, Helken & Horn Advertising Agency

If you are fortunate enough to be on Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott, Arizona at the stroke of 10:00pm or midnight you will be thrilled by the original Prescottonian spectacle of the Whiskey Row New Year’s Eve Boot Drop. Thousands will welcome 2020 on Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 from 8:30pm to 12:30am. This will be the 9th Annual event and is free to all ages. The festive 6-foot illuminated cowboy boot lowers down from a 40-foot flagpole with 2 drops; the first at 10pm and the second drop at midnight. As the crowd of thousands of people cheer both drops, fireworks will light up the night sky. The earlier drop occurs simultaneously with the traditional “Ball Drop” in New York City. It is especially popular with young families and those who wish to retire early. Many stay to cheer both drops because they enjoy the festivities. The boot descends from atop the historic Palace Building which is over 30 feet high. While not as big as the ball descending in Times Square since 1907, the Whiskey Row Boot Drop event is woven into Prescott’s holiday spirit and is a fitting closing celebration in Arizona’s Christmas City.

The 6-foot fiber glass boot is getting much needed update this year and regular revelers will notice these improvements. The Boot’s builder, Stephan Markov of Morgan Sign Co., stated with a chuckle, “It needed a new sole!” He is also repairing some cracks and adding even more led lights to it, which will have more color combinations. It will also be on a different radio frequency so it can be operated from a further distance as it makes its way down the flagpole.

The Boot Drop is a ‘must see’ event for residents of the quad cities, as well as an attraction drawing in visitors from across the country who enjoy the accommodations and dining in the Prescott area, not to mention the old west backdrop of historic Whiskey Row. Matt Brassard co-owner of M & M Entertainment & Production, the event planners, stated, “Last year was the first year we had quite a bit of snow, but there were still more than 4000 people who came to ring in the New Year. We figure if New York City can do it through a blizzard, we can manage it through our unpredictable weather as well. We’re hoping for clear skies this year.”

Marco Espitia, co-owner of M & M Entertainment & Production stated, “Before the Boot Drop was created, New Year’s Eve locally was definitely not as festive. Today it’s an event where thousands of people join together in downtown Prescott to make memories of their best New Year’s ever. We are proud to be part of this truly fun community event. There is no better place in Arizona to ring in the New Year.” In addition to the music with DJ Ed and MC Leza from Magic 99.1FM, live music by local band, 90 Proof will start at 8:30pm. Prizes will also be given away throughout the night, as well as rides on a Ferris wheel (weather permitting), and there will be food and drink from vendors on the street.

For further information, contact Matt Brassard at (928) 848-4182 or go to bootdrop.com