Aim for Pet-Friendly Flooring

by Dennis Rowland, Regional Vice President,
Primera Carpet One Floor and Home

Pets are furry, lovable and loyal, and they’re considered a member of the family. They love spending time outside, the adventure that comes with a ride in the car, and, if you’re lucky, you might even have a pet that loves to roll around in the mud on a sunny day.

While all of this brings joy and laughter to our lives; it can also wreak havoc on our flooring. 

A dog running through the front door immediately after digging holes in your garden will run through the house, happy as can be despite muddy paws.

In anticipation of such an event, consider investing in flooring that can handle all kinds of pet messes, including those created from the outdoors. You don’t need to sacrifice a beautiful and stylish home as there are many flooring options to choose from that combine the practicality of stain-resistance, durability, and water resistance with good looks to protect your home against pet mishaps, accidents and messes.

When it comes to choosing the best pet-friendly flooring, opt for products that are 100% waterproof or have some type of built-in water resistance, are durable and strong, and are scratch-resistance.

Luxury vinyl, waterproof hardwood, laminate, performance flooring, and even some carpets with pet-friendly features are just a few examples of flooring that is ideal for homes with pets. These types of flooring are typically low-maintenance and easy to clean, giving you peace-of-mind when it comes to taking care of your home with pets.