And the Summer Moves On

by Tom Reilly, Principal & CEO, Renovations

Our homes can be a mini-oasis, affording us the ability to recreate ourselves. Small doses of relaxation can mean a lot in our busy lives. We need this and can find it in our homes.

Let’s look at a more private escape, the master bathroom. The master bathroom has become almost spa-like in potential amenities, and it often is one of the most important spaces to relax in our home.

We can remove an unused garden tub and create a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads, body sprays, water curtains and rainmakers. You could install a one- and two-person steam room and sauna. These luxuries can help smooth the few bumps we collect each day. When it is sweltering outside and the day has been long, the fresh respite of a cool shower from a rainmaker can make all the difference.

We open up the master bath to collect as much natural light as we can while still affording privacy. Garden walls along with verdant plantings add to a sense of well-being and a feeling of removing ourselves from the day to day if even for a few moments.

So change up your bathroom and make it a space to make you feel rejuvenated or refreshed.