ASU Offers Residents Leadership Degrees through YC

Arizona State University is helping to build Greater Prescott’s leaders of tomorrow.

ASU first offered four-year degree programs through Yavapai College in 2006. Now, its selection includes four undergraduate degree programs with a focus on leadership skills.

Annique Petit, senior director of Trusted Learner and community college partnerships at ASU, says there are currently two students enrolled in the leadership degree programs through ASU@Yavapai at a reduced tuition rate, available only to current YC students or those who have graduated or earned credits in the past.

For now, all classes for these degrees are virtual, but as enrollment grows students will have the opportunity to earn hybrid degrees with through online plus in-person classes at YC’s Prescott Valley campus.

All three degrees are offered through ASU’s College of Integrated Science and Arts and teach students how to communicate effectively, solve problems, resolve conflict, assess program effectiveness and use other leadership skills. They are designed for different work or educational settings.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership — Prepares students to take on primary roles in a variety of settings including health care administration, government, nonprofits and the service industry. This program includes courses on communication with diverse groups, organizational ethics, use of emerging technology and leading innovation within organizations.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (project management) — This degree differs with its focus on processes and schedules, along with communication, problem solving and related skills. Potential post-graduation jobs include construction manager, contamination cleanup manger and TV program director.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Leadership — The coursework is similar but intended for students who focused on an applied science during their community college years. This covers a wide variety of fields including culinary arts, agriculture, early childhood education, justice studies, nursing, paramedicine and software development.

Gerry West, a coordinator for the ASU@Yavapai programs, says, “These are highly attractive degrees because of the broad scope of leadership skills students are given. Employers from several sectors love how our students are prepared to be leaders in a variety of areas from education to health care to the service sector (policing, EMT, fire) and corporate. Employers have expressed an interest in our org leadership and applied leadership students.”

ASU@Yavapai also offers two degree programs not centered on leadership: a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and a bachelor’s in applied sciences (health sciences). For more information on any of these degrees visit