Benefits of Good Landscaping Come in Many Stripes

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior when it comes to comfort, aesthetics and entertaining friends and family. A beautifully landscaped yard significantly adds joy and quality of life, not to mention increasing the financial value for your home and enhancing the community.

ZebraScapes Landscaping and Services is a family-owned and operated business started by Rodney and Denise Steidinger. We have been working miracles and improving curb appeal in the Quad-City area for more than 10 years now. The business started by knocking on doors to earn new business performing maintenance and install services.

ZebraScapes grew fast through dedication, hard work and quality products poured into every project. The business continues to grow, currently employing over 40 full-time team members. We have the largest fleet in Northern Arizona with specialized equipment to execute world-class service for our clients. 

“Our philosophy is simple, create the most beautiful outdoor environment while using the highest quality materials, and back up every project with a warranty,” Rodney says, adding “We are here to make your dreams a reality.”

ZebraScapes has provided services including custom landscape design and installation, tree care, irrigation, maintenance, Firewise cleanup and many more services. Our professional staff is well trained and experienced. Our certified arborist on staff, Edwin DeWees, has specialized in tree care for more than 20 years. “We can reach any tree height with our bucket lift to treat or remove safely,” Edwin says.

ZebraScapes’ irrigation division is led by Justin DeMicco, a certified irrigation technician. His professional crew is ready to design a custom system specific to your landscape needs. “I like to see the use of more native plants and xeriscapes. Water is a precious commodity in the high desert and focusing on conservation and sustainability is highly encouraged,” Justin says.

When it comes to weed control, ZebraScapes has an Arizona-licensed certified applicator to perform the job properly, adhering to its strict regulations. Spraying pre-emergent will keep weeds from germinating and taking over your yard this spring. We also recommend pre-emergent spray again just before the monsoon season starts.

“Our philosophy is simple, create the most beautiful outdoor environment while using the highest quality materials, and back up every project with a warranty.”

The National Fire Protection Association ( is an interagency program that partners with communities, homeowners, private industry, tribes, public agencies and officials to develop and implement local solutions for wildfire preparedness — before a fire starts. ZebraScapes personnel are skilled and trained in the science of Firewise techniques suggested by the Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission, so we can help you take action now to ensure your property has defensible space. “We live in a beautiful environment with homes surrounded by natural growth, but that creates a condition highly susceptible to wildfire danger, so we need to be prepared in advance,” says Gary Russell, Firewise supervisor.

ZebraScapes Landscaping and Services was recently honored to receive Prescott’s Best award from the City of Prescott for our outstanding achievements, longevity, contributions to the community and commitment to Prescott’s quality of life. We are very grateful for this recognition and the opportunity to be an integral part of this vibrant community. 

To us, “commitment to Prescott’s quality of life” means much more than simply contributing to a charitable cause. Rodney and Denise wanted to somehow help less fortunate children. They found their calling in 2013 when they became licensed foster parents and a sweet little girl named Ella came into their lives. It wasn’t long before the state asked Rodney and Denise about adopting Ella permanently. The decision was easy, and in 2014, Ella became a permanent member of the Steidinger Family.

You can learn more about us at or call 928-830-4061.