Better Than Par—Habitat Restore Gives Clubs to Students

The Prescott Habitat for Humanity ReStore has once again given golf equipment to several pre-teen and teenage golfers in the Bagdad Public Schools.

Late last year, Prescott ReStore personnel gave Tom Rose, Bagdad faculty member and Sultans golf coach, several dozen golf clubs, balls, club covers, some golf bags and other equipment to be distributed among students.

Rose expressed appreciation for the donation. “Because of past generosity from Habitat, we’ve been able to expand our school golf teams dramatically. I’ve got junior high and high school students — boys and girls — now playing. Many didn’t have money to buy golf equipment. We took third in Division 5 in the state last year. We figure we’ll do better this year.” 

Patrick Holt, Prescott ReStore general manager, said he enjoys giving away golf equipment. “Part of our Habitat mission is to support youth and youth programs. If we can give Bagdad students — or any others — golf equipment and help them gain some athletic skills and generate pride, we’ve more than helped fulfill our mission. We’d be glad to share with other schools, too.”

Holt said the Habitat ReStore receives donated golf equipment — both new and used. The store also receives other sports equipment, such as skis and tennis racquets. For more information call (928) 771-1777.