Brighten Bathrooms with Splashes of Creativity

While you’re busy staying current with your kitchen, living room and outdoor living space, it’s easy for other spaces to get left behind — particularly the bathrooms.

If you haven’t taken the initiative to inject some “spa” vibes into the fixtures or décor, it’s easy to let the years flow by until you’re startled awake by replacing a burned-out bulb or some other jolt that makes you look around and say, “Wow, this is really dull and outdated.” But you just spent a chunk to redo your kitchen; what do you do?

Take a look at these great little refreshers that can take as little as a day to level up your bathroom into something you never thought it would be!

Change up the walls — Possibly the most effective fix you can make is to put something relaxing, fun or even inspirational on your wall space. Get rid of the glaring stark-white colors in favor of a soothing robin’s egg blue or sandy beige to calm the atmosphere or find a wallpaper that evokes the natural, homey and/or spiritual scene you’d most like to care for yourself and those you love in. You can make those intentions as clear as you want them to be by stenciling images, words or verses onto the surface.

Explore the depths of your vanity — If the cabinets and drawers under your sink are what’s pulling the bathroom back to some long-gone decade, you don’t have to replace it to escape its grasp. Again a coat of paint can transform it into something at least approaching beauty. Try trendy colors like a rich green or sunny yellow. Switch out the pulls for something more modern while you’re at it and consider installing some sleek hardware if it doesn’t have any to start with.

Mirror yourself — If you’re tired of the standard-issue mirrored medicine cabinet over the sink, you can take it down and hang one or two mirrors in its place. Find some with personality in a thrift shop or recycled construction material shop like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, or craft your own with a vintage or DIY frame.