Chino Valley Innovates with Health Programs

by Maggie Tidaback, Economic Development Project Manager, Town of Chino Valley

What a time for the topics of medical, health and wellness. Anyone who practices any of the aforementioned understands the challenges we have all faced this last year. From the inability to go to the gym, office and school, we have all struggled with how to stay physically and mentally fit. 

That being said, I would like to congratulate the Town of Chino Valley’s Human Resources department for being innovative with a new approach to health and wellness — innovation (in all that we do) is key to moving forward in 2021.

My two favorite programs are Be WELL Connected and the Wellness Challenge Project Zero.

Be WELL Connected is a series of at-home workouts provided by the Yavapai Combined Trust (YCT) and Wellness Council of Arizona. The Wellness Challenge Project Zero was a challenge to not have any weight gain during the holidays by racking up points to win gift cards. (Not going to lie; I definitely didn’t win this challenge!)

I think many people often mistake health and wellness for the physical aspect of it; or at least it is the first thing that comes to mind.

If I had any “voice” on the topic of medical, health and wellness it would be the special attention to mental health during the pandemic. Please be aware of your family, co-workers and even neighbors.

If ever there was a time to lend a helping hand it is now. Kids are out of school and are feeling displaced. They miss their friends and the activity that sports provide. Our high-risk population has suffered through loneliness and fear as numbers rose and they had to isolate during the holidays. 

As I preach to the choir, please remember to give extra love and a spring forward once we start moving out of this pandemic.