Chino Valley Tourism Campaign Launched!

Yes, there is tourism in Chino Valley. When I first began this journey a lot of the response was “there is no tourism in Chino Valley.” We have outdoor adventure tourism, wining and dining, historic, agri-tourism and more!

The saying #morevinoinchino is a real thing. Granite Creek Vineyards grows the only organic grapes in central Arizona and is the best place to lay on a grassy knoll, sip wine and watch the peacocks in view of the vineyards. Weekend events with music and tastings are offered.

The tourism campaign comes with a new branding concept including a tourism logo, slogan, website and more. Through the efforts of the Office of Economic Development for the Town of Chino Valley, a rural-op was granted by the Arizona Office of tourism that includes funding for market and advertising efforts.

This summer look for: Lamar Billboard Electronic sign, TripAdvisor, and a community profile page on the Local First Arizona Foundation’s website. Please visit and Chino Valley — Local First Arizona Foundation ( for more information.

Chino Valley is really starting to grow, and the Town recognizes that tourism is a huge economic driver and brings a better quality of life for all when the fresh dollars come to town.

With the Peavine Trail connection between Prescott and Chino Valley almost complete, the Perkinsville Road adventures, camping, hiking, biking and the efforts of this tourism campaign, we anticipate people coming to visit near and far.

I have found this to be a truly an amazing creative process. Working with the team at Mountain Mojo has made me discover how truly amazing Chino Valley is. I already knew this but this peeled back so many layers on the onion for me.

I have been spending a lot of time on the weekends acting as a tourist in Chino Valley — taking UTV rides, vising the Sinagua Indian ruins and more to truly make this a successful campaign.