City Closes in on Final Granite Creek Corridor Rejuvenation Plan

Improvements to the downtown Granite Creek Corridor could result in 

improved public safety and security, better lighting, recreational enhancements, environmental protection, better signage and more entrance and exit access points.

These details were shared with dozens of residents during a community open house at the Prescott Public Library in late 2019.

City personnel and members of the Granite Creek Corridor Revitalization Committee brought in Allen Haden, an aquatic biologist with Natural Channel Design of Flagstaff, to describe the draft of the firm’s design plan for the park. 

The plan resulted from more than 18 months of collecting information about rejuvenating the downtown Prescott Granite Creek Corridor, said Tyler Goodman, assistant to the Prescott city manager. He reported more than 650 comments and responses from the public had been submitted regarding recommendations for creek and trail rejuvenation. 

The City of Prescott has earmarked $1 million into the budget for next fiscal year, which starts July 1, for park improvements. The City Council began reviewing cost estimates and will be making recommendations soon. No final figure has been set.

However, about half that allocation of $1 million is tentatively directed to create a splash pad, playground and restrooms. 

A $79,401 grant from the Arizona Water Protection Fund funded the project master plan. Additional federal, state and private grant applications have been filed requesting funding to support other improvements. 

Joe Baynes, Prescott recreation services director, said current estimates are that more than 160,000 people use the Greenways Trail System between Gurley Street and Granite Creek Park annually, making it one of the most visited stretches of City trails. That’s expected to increase after the Hilton Garden Inn at the intersection of Sheldon and Montezuma streets is completed in the fall. 

 Initially, approximately 1.2 miles of the creek corridor, running from Aubrey Street bridge south of Goodwin Street to Granite Creek Park along Montezuma, will be rejuvenated. The emphasis will be preserving and protecting the urban ecological greenspace. 

Goodman, Baynes, and Kristy Everson, who chairs the Granite Creek Corridor Revitalization Committee, were among those responding to citizen questions at the meeting. 

Everson said future planning may include portions of the creek corridor that run through the Prescott College area near Miller Valley Road.

Find additional details about the master plan draft on the City of Prescott website at

Photo: Granite Creek playground rendering provided by City of Prescott Parks & Recreation.