City of Prescott Mayor’s Commission on Well-Being

by Dr. Billie Orr, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Prescott and Lori Kennedy, Communications Coordinator, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Our Vision
To become the premier city of
well-being in America.

Our Mission
To engage the citizens who live, learn, work and play in Prescott in the lifelong pursuit of well-being through communication, motivation and action.

In 2017, Gallup-Sharecare published the State of American Well-Being series* examining the well-being of communities across the nation and issued a report ranking 186 communities based on their well-being index. The report analyzed communities across five elements of well-being: 

  • Career Well-being (Purpose): How you occupy your time/liking what you do each day. 
  • Social Well-being: Relationships and love in your life.
  • Financial Well-being: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security. 
  • Physical Well-being: Good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis.
  • Community Well-being: Engagement and involvement in the area where you live. 

The City of Prescott ranked #9 of the 186 in overall well-being. For the five elements, Prescott ranked: Purpose-#17, Social-#9, Financial-#7, Physical-#20 and Community-#4.

That was all it took to put Mayor Pro-Tem Dr. Billie Orr on a path that would lead to creation of the Mayor’s Commission on Well-Being.

“This initiative is designed to create positive, educational experiences for residents of Prescott, using our resources and best practices to promote healthier and happier lives for multiple generations of our city’s residents,” explained Dr. Orr. “Creating this Commission has been a goal of mine for two years. We are blessed to have these talented Commissioners willing to serve our community,” she added.

The focus is on the citizens of Prescott – those who live, learn, work and play in our fine community. The efforts of the Commission are to utilize best practices and all that Prescott has to offer to encourage a healthy, connected community and establish Prescott as the premier city of well-being in America. 

 To achieve these goals it will require partnerships, bringing Prescottonians and local businesses together to support initiatives and corral resources. Communication will be a key component to the Commission’s success. Creative messaging through education and engagement will encourage residents’ participation in events and activities.

 “Prescott already has amazing wellness resources,” commented Chair John Murphy. “One of our first objectives is to ‘amplify’ the message for existing programs, businesses and community leaders. In addition, we plan to communicate to and motivate our fellow citizens to take action to improve their personal health. I believe Prescott can be the premier city of well-being in America, and this is the path to accomplish that goal. It’s very exciting,” he concluded. 

 One of the first actions of the Commission is to hear from the citizens of Prescott. The team is currently creating a survey to share with residents to solicit comments on what aspects of health and wellness are most important to them. These survey responses will inform how the Commission will design programs, events and services to fulfill our vision and mission. 

Prescott is Everybody’s Hometown – a community that thrives on supporting and caring for each other. Well-being is a lifelong commitment and the intent of the Commission is to foster a culture of health and wellness and set good principles for lifelong well-being for our residents. 

Commission meetings are held at City Hall and open to the public. Contact Kelly Tolbert at for dates and times of meetings.


Commission on Well-Being Members

John Murphy, Commission Chair, founded “Make 100 Healthy” to educate and motivate people to take tangible actions to increase their well-being as they age. He encourages folks to garden and eat wholesome foods.

Peg Travers, Commission Vice-Chair, is a retired RN, meditation teacher and founder of Prescott Pickleball Association. Peg serves as the Chair of the Prescott’s Advisory Board for Parks & Recreation.

Jesse Burke is a veteran, pastor at a local church, and owns several businesses in Prescott. He is involved in Prescott Area Leadership and serves on the boards of 10:10 Ministries and Agape House.

Kristy Everson and her husband own and operate Mandalay Homes. A student at Prescott College, Kristy is passionate about the environment and leads the City’s Granite Creek Corridor Restoration Project.

Terri Farneti is program coordinator of Public Health for Yavapai County Health Services. She is the public information officer for Yavapai County Health and leads the county’s Community Health Improvement Partnership quarterly meetings with over 50 health partners.

Cecelia Jernegan is the director of sales and marketing for Forest Villas Hotel. She has been involved in many nonprofits over the past 25 years in the Prescott region, networking and connecting people and resources.

Vickie Johnston is the owner and manager of H2O Health at Gateway Mall. She has traveled to over 25 countries researching water and food while teaching others how to obtain and maintain good health.

Lori Kennedy is the communications coordinator for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She has worked in the hospitality industry for 30 years and was an active participant in the explosive growth of the health and wellness industry. 

Bonnie McMinn is a certified Pilates, Posture and NeuroKinetic Therapy instructor. A sales and marketing professional for over 30 years, Bonnie is involved in the League of Women Voters, Southwest Wine Center and the Hungry Kids Project.

Kelly Tolbert, Commission Staff Liaison, is the City’s Parks & Recreation Coordinator. She has her Masters in Recreation and Tourism and is passionate about good nutrition and outdoor opportunities for excellent health. 

Dr. Billie Orr, Commission Council Liaison, is Prescott’s mayor pro tem. She is committed to facilitating opportunities for citizens to be connected to a community of well-being. Billie serves on the boards of Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, Prescott Western Heritage Center, the Phippen Museum, Read On Prescott, Republican Women of Prescott and Arizona Town Hall.