City Speak – Chino Valley

Councilmember Eric Granillo says “From the time I graduated CVHS in 1998, I have seen this town grow in every direction. We are in the craziest real estate market we have ever seen in this area.

“Once people find Chino Valley they know they’ve found home. Our little town has some of the best restaurants and small businesses in the Tri City area.

“Come down and visit our town Chino Valley for that small hometown feel.”


Chino Valley Business Park at Old Home Manor is on the move.

The Town of Chino Valley owns approximately 880 acres of land at Old Home Manor; 200 have been designated as a business park. The Town originally purchased the land in 1998 for the water rights.

Fast forward a few years, and the current direction of Old Home Manor is job creation and outdoor recreation. Currently, the business park is raw and vacant land waiting for the right developer to see the vision of Old Home Manor.

No other municipality in Yavapai County has as many shovel-ready acres as the Town of Chino Valley.

There is a five-year capital improvement plan in place at Old Home Manor. Year one consists of just over 800 linear feet of road and infrastructure improvements.

The town is in the process of issuing a RFQ (request for qualifications) to hire a commercial real estate company to list the land at Old Home Manor with the intention of attracting developers to create jobs and diversify our local economy, which will reduce workforce leakage to outlying communities.

If the business park at Old Home Manor was not cool enough, let’s talk about the outdoor recreation! We have the Chino Valley Model Aviators, the Chino Valley Equestrian Park, the very first northern Arizona Airsoft field (called Ichor Airsoft) and Compass Training Center (that boasts a 200-yard outdoor shooting range).

A huge goal for the Town is to attract a RV developer to Old Home Manor to provide an outdoor place to stay to enjoy our outdoor recreation.

Welcome Ichor Airsoft! We cannot wait to take our kids out and have a match.

One of the greatest gifts at Old Home Manor is the Yavapai College of Agriculture. The building is LEED certified and surrounded by outdoor space. Study areas range from agriculture and animal care to a lineman and commercial driver’s license school.