CP Technologies’ Future Promising

Local, national and international leaders predicted a significant increase in high tech jobs in the immediate Prescott region during official ribbon-cutting ceremonies at the CP Technologies (CP Tech) manufacturing complex.

CP Tech personnel, Gov. Doug Ducey, industry and business leaders, and invited guests spoke during the June 9 program.

Ducey told guests: “What we’re seeing here in Prescott and Arizona is the midst of a manufacturing boom. We’re grateful for their investment in Prescott and look forward to their continued expansion.”

Ducey praised Prescott leaders for enticing CP Tech to select Prescott as its North American headquarters. He welcomed Dr. Uzi Landau, chair, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems from Haifa, Israel; Moshe Elazar, CP Aeronautics president and CEO; and Mike McCormack, CP Tech president and CEO, who brought the firm to Prescott after it has been in San Diego for 24 years.

Landau said CP Tech is owned by Aeronautics Ltd, an international firm owned 50% by Rafael and 50% by a private investor, Avichay Stolero. CP North America is independently operated in Arizona. CP North America includes a family of brands like CP Tech, CP Systems and CP Aeronautics.

Elazar, recently appointed to his job, said he and his colleagues are proud to be part of the Prescott community: “We want to play a role as an essential economic player in Arizona.”

Later, McCormack told guests that five states had tried to recruit CP Tech to relocate but that Prescott was unhesitatingly the best choice. “Opening of this facility marks a major milestone for the CP brand,” he said. “It provides needed expansion of our capabilities as a manufacturer to serve our customers worldwide.”

McCormack has long been involved with the defense industry. He served in the U.S. Air Force as an airborne command post communications systems engineer and has management experience with major defense and industrial firms that designed and manufactured products for defense and aerospace.

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli thanked Ducey, Sandra Watson of the Arizona Commerce Authority and other state officials for their support. He also thanked local educational and business communities, noting that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Yavapai College were strong advocates for bringing CP Tech to Prescott.

“Make no mistake,” Mengarelli said “It is a new day in Prescott in having this company here as the national headquarters.”

CP Tech staff members later led visitors on guided tours. During tours, it was noted that other high-tech firms — some international — will soon be partnering with the company.

Mark Kempf, CP Tech vice president, said the 50,000-square-foot facility will manufacture high performance computer platforms, custom military, industrial computers, monitors and keyboards. Also manufactured are world-class combat-proven unmanned aerial vehicles solutions for military, defense, federal and commercial customers.

In March, CP Tech partnered with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to design and manufacture the Portable Aircraft Control Station (PACS) for the U.S. Air Force. PACS is a rugged system that can perform direct connections with aircraft in pre- and post-flight operations and engine functions and provide a compact, yet cost-effective solution, Kempf said.

“We want to build another 50,000-square-foot complex next door, but we need to get the current facility fully loaded first,” he said. Kempf estimated that by 2024, CP North America will offer complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities.

He also suggested even more high-tech employees will be recruited. Dozens of former California employees have relocated to Prescott, Kempf said. He estimated at least 150 employees would be in place within the next two years.

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