Digital Strategies that Still Work in 2021

by Donna Werking, Owner Northern AZ Social

Many business owners are grateful 2020 has come to an end. However, whether your business thrived in, or simply endured, the COVID year, planning your marketing strategies for 2021 is critical. Many companies desire to begin the new year with a new budget, a fresh outlook, and a new marketing plan to achieve new goals. 

Digital marketing fell upon us, seems like only a few years ago, however it is evolving fast. In 2021, we predict more digital regulation, but only because there will be more ways to target your audience online. By 2020, if your company has not optimized your website, implemented a Google Adwords strategy, grown followers on your Facebook page or embedded Google Analytics on your website, you may already be behind in the game. 

Here’s a few digital strategies that business owners should continue to rely on: 

Google Adwords 

proves to be a great strategy in which users, “online consumers,” may find your company through an online search. The Pay Per Click strategy drives desirable users to a company’s website through search terms to learn more about a product or service. If the user sees your ad, but it does not apply to their search, they simply don’t click it. It’s a digital strategy that is regulated so a user isn’t permitted to rack up your budget by clicking the same ad 10 times, and companies can set a daily budget. You can target a specific area you desire to reach. The ad also does not present itself to the user unless the search is relevant to the user’s inquiry. Adwords continues to be a desirable online marketing method. 

Google Analytics 

is code embedded on your company website offering free tracking on visitors to your site. If you are curious to see where your users are coming from, use Google Analytics. It also aids your rank with the Google search engine. 


is still the No. 1 social media networking platform for businesses to reach consumers. Although the continuing algorithm and dashboard updates has made it more complex to be able to reach your targeted audience, Facebook advertising is still proven to be an effective method. There are more third-party integrations for this platform than any other, which can also enhance your strategies. The Instagram integration is simply another bonus. 

For many third-party apps to be effective, it requires a minimum of 2,000 followers to your page. If you wish to use this platform for business successfully, it may be time to grow your fan following. 

All digital strategies should always redirect to your No. 1 resource — your company website. If your website does not feature your product or service in an effective, user-friendly way, it may be time to audit your site and seek ways to optimize it or build a new website from scratch. 

When considering your 2021 marketing plan, be sure to make your website a priority.