by Keaton S. Ziem, Digital Strategy & Business Intelligence, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The student athletes at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are out to make an impact inside the classroom as well as within the ultra-competitive Cal Pac conference. With a sports program of 54 NAIA All-American athletes, 183 Academic All-Americans, 18 Cal Pac Conference Championships, and eight Wrestling National Championships, these Eagles provethere are still records to break, titles to claim and tests to ace.

In 2017, the Eagles were among the most talented students in the nation, athletically and academically. Eleven ERAU athletic programs have been recognized as NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Scholar-Teams, and all teams maintain an overall athletic GPA of 3.339.

“At Embry-Riddle, we differ from a lot of other athletic programs because of our commitment to academics,” said aviation business administration student and men’s basketball guard Jaran Hoover. “Being a scholar-athlete means always putting school first and athletics second.”

Junior Maddy Markham, an electrical engineering/robotics major and women’s soccer forward, emphasized how the Eagles’ locker room might be different from other universities.

“A lot of bigger schools don’t encourage student athletes to take on such difficult majors, but at ERAU, all of the athletes are taking a hard course load while still being able to compete,” she said.

Even though Embry-Riddle enrolls students from every state in the country, and has a robust international student recruitment team, “Everyone’s Hometown” of Prescott is well represented on campus. Hoover, a 2017 NAIA-Daktronics scholar-athlete with a staggering 4.0 GPA in aviation and global business, is one Eagle who calls Prescott his hometown.

“I actually attended NAU for two years before having the opportunity to come to ERAU,” said Hoover. “I realized that I should have always had ERAU on my radar because of their reputation and focus on academics.” “Being from Prescott, I’d always known about Embry-Riddle, but I had never seriously thought about attending until my junior year of high school,” said Markham, who was named a Daktronics-NAIA scholar-athlete for the first time this season. “I knew I wanted to study engineering and there are very few schools that have both a good engineering department and a successful soccer team. I knew that I couldn’t get a better degree anywhere else.”

Incredible athletes, remarkable academics. ERAU is Prescott’s only source for competitive university sports. All home games are open to the public, and Embry-Riddle hopes to see you at some of their exciting games this season. Go Eagles!