by Marnie Uhl, President & CEO, Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce

prosperous and quality community is based on several factors: safety, good roads, schools, an active parks and recreation element, strong business and great leadership.

A superior community makes an investment in that which brings beauty, a sense of pride and opportunities for creativity. Prescott Valley is all that and more.

Celebrating 40 years of incorporation, Prescott Valley has grown from a sleepy little stop on the road to a vibrant, active and flourishing Town. 

While growth and development naturally came along to this beautiful valley, it was a planned investment in the arts that brought the community to the next level of excellence.

The Arts and Culture Commission was developed as a part of Prescott Valley’s Parks and Recreation Department to advance the arts by providing distinct opportunities for community participation and artistic growth.

For 14 years, the commission has provided a public art program through its Art at the Center program, which has defined Prescott Valley as a forward thinking, progressive and creative community. The sculptures inhabiting the Civic Center campus represent a variety of media and approach to form created by regional and international artists. 

Each year, the commission reaches out to the art community with a call for submissions.  Applications are then reviewed and selected for display throughout the Civic Center. The displays are on loan for a year, but many pieces become part of a permanent collection for the Town of Prescott Valley. Artists are recognized at an annual reception and given the opportunity to share the story of their creation. Each piece has a special story. 

As the community promoter and destination-marketing organization, the Chamber of Commerce recognizes the value public art adds to our Town’s asset portfolio. A beautiful community will be seen as one that cares for its residents and citizens above and beyond providing for basic services and needs.

You are invited to stroll the 20-acre Prescott Valley Civic Center Campus with its rolling lawn, Theater on the Green and art and sculptures. Currently there are 34 beautiful and diverse sculptures on the Civic Center grounds and within the building, with another four gracing George Anderson Park, Bob Edwards Park, View Point Park and Pronghorn Park. 

An investment in art is an investment in the quality of life for a community. Well done, Prescott Valley. We are so proud to live here.