ERAU Career Exposition Attracts Hundreds

Photo caption: Boeing was among the popular firms from which potential employees sought interviews.

Students, alumni and community residents were among hundreds who participated in the daylong 2018 Career Exposition at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) on Oct. 4. Many walked out with firm job offers.

ERAU Career Services staff member Laura Polk said the number of companies represented in the fall job fair set a record.

“We had well over 100 companies from around the nation, and many of those have international contacts,” she said. She estimated a record 1,100 to 1,200 job-seekers inquired about interviews.

Polk, who has been at ERAU three years, said she and her colleagues planned several months for the event. “We thought it important for the 40th anniversary of Embry-Riddle that we have an exceptional job fair.”

She explained, “Having major employers on campus and in the community gives our students and others a chance to share their resumes and refine their interview skills in really competitive conditions. We at Career Services want to give our students the most realistic opportunity we can to develop their confidence and meet with recruiters from a broad spectrum of the workforce.”

Long lines queued in front of booths scattered throughout the Activity Center.

The majority of firms present came from engineering, aviation and aerospace — companies such as TRAX International Corporation, Honeywell, Garmin, Rockwell, Astronautics Corporation of America and Boeing. A number of major airlines also had recruiters present.

A substantial number of recruiters represented state and federal government agencies and departments. Representatives from law enforcement, including the FBI and DEA, and first responders, also participated. All branches of the U.S. military were represented.

One of the students attending, a junior accounting major from San Diego, praised the event. “It’s really unusual for a small community like this to have so many major companies in town to recruit. We’re so lucky to be at Embry-Riddle and in Prescott.”