Fall Color Takes On New Meaning in Fashion

Prognosticators agree — fashion will have a different look this fall!

Rather than steering those who style to the predictably neutral, beige-white-brown-black palette everyone’s conditioned to buy this time of year, designers are beaming out a rainbow of bold colors to choose from for fall 2021.

So you can recycle your springy shirts and suits as designers roll out their own electric hues of cobalt blue, lemon yellow, cadmium orange and the hottest of hot pink. Layer these under your more subdued jackets and sweaters, or if you’re really brave use one of these head-to-toe for maximum effect. It’s all in the name of fun.

Here’s what else to expect from fall fashion — on its own and as it segues into winter:

Taking shape
The sweatsuit and loungewear revolution is bound to reverberate for years to come, but designers continue to gently lead us toward more tailored silhouettes. This kind of definition will be good for us mentally as well as aesthetically, making it harder for us to hide behind volumes of fabric. You can stay in front of this season’s colorful vibe with tailored separates of the same shade, or even some sprightly printed pants for a base of pure fun.

Look like a skier
Since we’re just a little bit south of the slopes around Flagstaff the ski lodge-inspired look is expected to be huge. Colorful sweaters, puffer coats, faux fur on everything from purses to tube tops are in the mix, as we search for a mix of comfort and fun.

Forgiving denim
Going a bit against the grain of the suited-up look, the skinny jeans may be heading out of rotation in favor of boyfriend jeans, flares, bootcuts and even mom jeans as the thick, warm cotton fabric is adapted more to everyday life. The extra bulk these pants add can be easily balanced by a slim-fitting jacket and tucked-in blouse.

You can take it with you
Think really big purse. Practicality is taking hold as we decide we don’t want to be at too much of a disadvantage when we’re out and about instead of cocooning at home. Having your tablet or laptop, basic beauty supplies, full selection of sun and reading glasses, tissues, cleaner, good-luck charm and anything else on hand is reassuring and liberating — that’s the theory, at least.

Look smart with ‘dark academia’
If the whole cotton-candy color trend holds no appeal and you were looking forward to the more restrained palettes you normally see in fall, check out #darkacademia on TikTok for a diametrically opposed aesthetic hatched by Gen Z that’s bubbling its way up the demographic chain. Think preppy with some overtones of Goth, a la Harry Potter, with dark, tailored and textured styles in sleek nylons or fuzzy tweeds, with blazers, berets, glasses, turtlenecks, pleated skirts or slacks and loafers.