Findlay Subaru Donates Science Books To Prescott High School

Photo caption: David “Mac” Macfarlane, general manager, Findlay Subaru-Prescott, tells Prescott High School administrators and students about the valuable science books that were contributed to the school through cooperative efforts of Subaru and The American Association for the Advancement of Science. (Courtesy photo)

The Prescott High School Science Department is the recipient of dozens of valuable science books because of a unique partnership between the American Association for Advancement of Science and Findlay Subaru of Prescott.

David “Mac” Macfarlane, general manager of Findlay Subaru, took 15 large boxes of donated science books to the PHS Science Department in early October.

Welcoming Macfarlane were PHS Principal Mark Goligoski, Assistant Principal Clark Tenney, Department Chair Pam Bergstrom, and dozens of science students.

Macfarlane explained that donating science books to schools is part of the Subaru of America campaign called “Subaru Loves Learning.” Macfarlane said the books represent a full diversity of scientific subjects in non-textbook formats. “They are contemporary and represent the best scientific thinking that can be found in the U.S.,” he said.

Macfarlane said the book contribution program is annual and that Findlay Subaru plans to participate again next year with contributions to another school system.

Goligoski said the contribution enhanced significantly the science library. He added that current budget restraints limited the ability of the school system to purchase such books. The estimated value of the contributed books is several thousand dollars.

“Not just students but the entire educational community will benefit from the generosity of our local Subaru dealership,” Goligoski said.