FY 20 Annual Chip Seal Project

The City of Prescott and their contractor, VSS International, Inc., are working on a chip seal project along selected roadways throughout the Prescott area. The project consists of cleaning the existing street surfaces and applying a new polymerized-rubberized chip seal and seal coat. Additional work includes the restoration of disturbed traffic striping and the replacement of manhole and water box concrete collars.

Once complete, these improvements will extend pavement life and improve the ride quality for Prescott motorists. This project is scheduled to be complete in fall 2020.


The application of chip seal is now complete along sections of East Merritt Avenue, 6th Street, East Moeller Street, North Mount Vernon Street, North Virginia Street, Thumb Butte Road, West Gurley Street, Thompson Drive, Antelope Drive and Bear Drive. With this work finished, crews will be returning the week of August 10th to apply a seal coat to all the roadways highlighted in the map below.