Give your Fall Décor a Crisp New Twist

It’s always fun to keep your home design in step with the seasons — it’s another way to bring nature and the outdoors closer to you and your family.

But it can seem like there are only so many ways to mimic the reds, browns and oranges of fall foliage, and you’re sure you never want to have another pumpkin or gourd in your household that isn’t serving a dietary purpose.

But there are ways to tweak the traditional accessories and palettes to refresh your home’s autumnal atmosphere. You, your family and guests will be glad you did!


This shiny pinkish-orange mineral with deep roots in Arizona history may be the perfect way to capture your home’s autumnal glow. It’s easy to find pots and other kitchenware, bowls, wall hangings and even wine glasses. Most copper pots and props should be polished within an inch of their lives, but it’s OK to leave some of them a little tarnished to reflect the variance you find in nature.

Pale pumpkins

If your main objection to pumpkin décor involves the color orange, you’re in luck! Heirloom varieties come in muted shades of white, green, blue, pink, plus orange. They’re often labeled “winter squash,” and most can make for delicious stews, soups, pies and other hearty dishes. You can also shop for faux pumpkins made from sheet metal, velvet and everything in between, in a variety of colors.

Fall florals

Lilies, sunflowers, mums, daisies and roses are some of the most frequently used flowers in fall arrangements, often mingled with seasonal produce like pomegranates, apples, persimmons, artichokes and squash. Artificial arrangements can be beautiful and less messy, but nothing surpasses the vibe of truly natural elements in your home and everywhere else!

Wreaths and other wall art

Wreaths made of grapevine and a ton of dried elements like flowers, leaves, wheat, acorns, seeds, berries, pine cones, bark, pebbles and a few aromatic spices are the ultimate welcome to any home, room or yard. You can also find or fashion a wall hanging that’s a little more contemporary by using one or two sticks and a string adorned by fall foliage to hang strings of wooden beads, plush, vibrant pompons or found-bits of nature.

Cozy up

Nothing magnifies the fall chill more than putting little sweaters on inanimate objects, along with people and pets. You can find pillows with cable-knit covers and beer cozies, which can be repurposed any number of ways. And your options are limitless if you’re crafty and have some old sweaters to upcycle: sew then into blankets, little sleeves for jars and candles, covers for cutting boards and lampshades, placemats and napkin rings. Best of all you can keep some of these around for winter!