Give Your New Pets Time

Newly adopted dogs and cats need time to adjust to their new homes; it’s important to be prepared for what can sometimes be a time-consuming and stressful process.

It’s a good idea to research ways to help them adjust; don’t expect them to immediately feel at home. Some may, but many won’t. You might not see your new pet’s true personality for several weeks or even up to three months.

Be patient, loving and understanding. Stay on a regular schedule of feeding, playing and walking at the same time every day so they can get settled into their new routine.

Remember that many newly adopted animals are dealing with the stress of being in a new environment with new people, routines and smells. They are also trying to figure out if they are really “home” or if there is another change coming.

Give your new friend a mixture of one-on-one time to learn your voice and your movements while letting them have their own time to explore, decompress and just relax.

With some patience and love, you can enjoy “happily ever after” with your new furry family member!