We asked three local barbecue joints three questions, so we could get their answers and some mouthwatering pics for your pleasure!

Montana BBQ,
2161 Hillsdale Road, Prescott

Lynn Jeffrey, Co-Owner (with Mike Jeffrey)

What is the secret to your sauce?
I can tell you the secret to the BBQ sauce is making a sauce that goes perfect with your barbecue and for us it was our sweet, tangy and with a Southwest kick of spicy from the chipotle peppers!

What kind of grill or smoker do you use?
We like to use indirect heat from our smoker wood box with a rotisserie so meats cook and get smoke flavor at a lower temp from a slow-smoked method. The Southwest has great flavors from the pecan, red or white oak and peach wood or even a mix, but we like different wood flavors for the different cuts and types of meats. For example, Santa Maria-style beef tri-tip is best smoked with red or white oak, and the Kansas City-style pulled pork is delicious smoked with peach or pecan wood. The ribs and chicken taste great on any cheap Oklahoma Joe with the right marinades, spices and smoke flavor!

What’s your most popular menu item?
The kitchen hates it when we get so many barbecue sampler plates, and I say “sampler plate order up!” I just tell the kitchen, “guess what the order is?” You have your choice of smoked meats for your sandwich or gluten-free without the bun, grilled onions, sweet or spicy barbecue sauce on the side and our famous St. Louis-style pork ribs, smoked with fresh herbs chicken and smoked hot link. The most popular side is Lynn’s mac and cheese or Mike’s spicy cowboy beans, depending on who you talk to? Haha!

Colt Grill, 2970 N. Park Ave., Prescott Valley,

Brenda Marie, Owner/Founder

What’s the secret to your sauce?
The secret to our seven sauces are: It’s a secret! They’re all made from scratch with different flavor profiles from sweet to tangy to spicy.

What kind of grill or smoker do you use?
We smoke all of our barbecue on our 12-foot steel smoker that my son Carson designed and fabricated.

What’s your most popular menu item?
Our smoked beef brisket and fresh ground hamburgers are equally popular.

Uncle Bud’s Place,
1781 E. Highway 69, Prescott
Chris Buell – Chef/Owner

What is the secret to your sauce?
The secret to my sauce is the proper balance of flavors. A little sweet, but not too sweet – A bit of smoke, but not too smoky – A touch of heat but not too spicy. The perfect complement to our perfectly smoked meats.

What kind of grill or smoker do you use?
Because I am not allowed to smoke outside at my location I am currently smoking in an Alto Sham using apple wood.

What’s your most popular menu item?
Our most popular item is the Cajun Smoked Chuck Roast. My dad, “Uncle Bud” always claimed that Chuck was the most flavorful cut of beef, so instead of brisket or tri-tip, I rub the chuck with my Cajun spice and slow smoke it to the peak of flavor and tenderness.

Lucy Dee’s BBQ
669 E. Sheldon St., Prescott

Lisa Lucidi, Co-Owner (with Zip Lucidi)

What’s the secret to your sauce?
They’re from family recipes, with fresh ingredients. I have been in the barbecue business for 46 years.

What kind of grill or smoker do you use?
Southern Pride smoker, it’s the best in the world.

What’s your most popular item?
Our beef brisket, we have the best beef brisket in town.