by Steve Sischka, Co-Owner, Olsen’s For Healthy Animals, Olsen’s Grain, Inc.

To me, it’s always been evident that healthy pets and animals are a huge part of healthy communities, and our Prescott communities have never been healthier. 

The human-animal bond has been a key driver in keeping us all grounded, and yet it also helps lift our souls to be open to our greater possibilities. 

Being compassionate to, and passionate about, the overall health and well-being of our four-legged, two-legged and winged friends has been an unbelievable boost to the identities of our Central Highlands communities in the eyes of the world. 

The Quad-Cities are known as not just pet friendly, but pet driven. 

So just what is it that makes us better versions of ourselves when we open our lives to our animal friends?

Is it the unspoken communication? The probing big brown eyes as your four-legged friend stares a hole through you? Their excitement over the smallest things that make the biggest difference? The unconditional love they just can’t seem to help but give?

Is it all of the above that makes us want to care for them, love them, confide in them, laugh about them and mourn them? Or, is it simply our need to nurture creatures that need us?

Take Cameron, the Olsen’s Prescott store dog. She is Kathy’s and my granddog and we’ve had her for the last nine or so years. She is an English Black Labrador with an attitude. She doesn’t do things on our schedule, and if by some chance she does, she makes sure she quickly changes it.

I know we work for cats, but dogs? Would I really get up before 6 a.m. if I didn’t have to? Would I really put up with this inherent stubbornness from any other creature? Will I miss her when she passes?  Absolutely. Will I miss the unspoken communication? No doubt. Will I miss the understanding in her eyes and her laying on my feet when I’m stressed out about something I can’t do anything about? Yeah, that, too.  I’ve often heard the phrase, “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” in another context, but it also fits here. 

Pets and animals make us better people and we, begrudgingly at times, know it.

At Olsen’s For Healthy Animals, our mission is the health of your animals and pets. That association with caring has extended to our communities in the form of Olsen’s investments in nonprofits, our personal participation in local government, ministry and community activities, to provide a brighter future for all. 

After all, if our pet and animal friends could talk, that’s probably what they would tell us to do … after we give them a treat, of course.

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