Housing Expenses and Financial Goals Where They Should Be

by Gayle M. McCarthy, Branch Manager, American Pacific Mortgage

Tax time, when your finances are laid out for review, is a perfect time to evaluate your financial goals.

When looking at your financial plan, take time to examine your housing expenses. As your mortgage or rent is usually your largest expense, it is important to analyze it regularly to make sure that it is working for your financial situation.

What are your questions? Is renting the best for me? Do I qualify for a mortgage? I own a home, but could I buy a larger one to fit my growing family? I love our location, but our house is too small … how can I get money to add on? I have equity but still pay PMI, what can I do? I wish all my bills were wrapped into one, is there a way? I own my home, but my retirement income does not go very far, are there any solutions?

A mortgage lender is the expert that you can trust to provide the answers you need. If you own a home, that usually is your biggest asset along with liability. It is important to get clear and accurate advice as to whether your current mortgage is still best for your financial situation.

A mortgage evaluation can be done at no cost and should be performed once a year. If a refinance is recommended, you should be getting a clear comparison of what the costs are, as well as what savings and advantages you can expect. Your home equity may be a source for renovation, debt consolidation, retirement planning, and more.

If you are renting, a mortgage lender is the perfect place to start your home-ownership journey. Your mortgage lender will assist you with qualifying for a mortgage or walking you through the steps necessary to qualify. Your mortgage lender will help you analyze your budget and goals. After speaking with a mortgage lender, you should expect to fully understand your mortgage options and be totally comfortable with the process.

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