How to Have a Great Night In

by Blake Herzog

Sometimes we just need to have a special night, whether with our significant other, friends or just by ourselves. 

It can be difficult at times to keep track of which eateries are offering dine-in, takeout and delivery options to customers, so ROX Media Group has a Facebook group to help our local restaurants share their menus of dishes and service options with their customers. 

Greater Prescott Takeout and Delivery Options is available to everyone at and is a bulletin board of sorts for local restaurants offering these services to post menus, specials, hours, take-home and delivery options and whatever other relevant information they have. 

It’s been going strong since March 2020 and is dedicated to supporting locally owned cafes, diners, bars and grills, coffeehouses, lunch counters and whatever other kinds of joints you like to frequent. We encourage our readers to check back often and invite all our restaurants from Chino Valley to Mayer to join our group. 

You may be thinking, “But takeout and delivered food is never as good.” But you’ll be happily surprised by the offerings and flavor of what you get from a local restaurant. Many have specialized in these types of orders for years.

There are some cuisines and dishes known for being reliably good choices for delivery or takeout. Pizza is the standby for most, with Chinese and other Asian fare coming in a pretty close second. 

But look beyond these and you’re going to find other great ideas. Barbecue is a top contender since it’s supposed to be drenched with sauce, either in the restaurant or at home, it’s not expected to be super-crisp and it’s easily reheated if needed. 

Grilled meat and veggies such as you can find in Greek and other Mediterranean restaurants are going to be drier, but still juicy enough to excel untouched or slightly reheated. 

So now that you’ve got the culinary aspect of your night nailed down, you can focus on your guest or guests to everyone’s delight!