In Prescott There is Always Support When You Need It

by Greg Mengarelli, Mayor, City of Prescott

This year has presented some of the greatest challenges many of us have faced. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that working together and supporting our neighbors is vital to everyone’s success. While we have had to remain socially distanced and find new ways of living day-to-day life, we have also found ways to stand together and take joy in the little things.

I’ve said time and again that the resiliency and togetherness of this community is something I take great pride in and something that makes us truly unique in times of divisiveness. 

All over Prescott we have witnessed members of the community supporting each other and joining together to solve problems. We have witnessed families having the opportunity to take time and enjoy the outdoors together in ways they hadn’t for years. Teachers and other educational professionals have developed solutions to allow our future leaders to continue learning, albeit in ways we didn’t anticipate experiencing. Public and private partnerships have been developing for the betterment of our community; and the city has the opportunity to use an infusion of funding from the state to continue ongoing revitalization of Prescott in amazing ways.

While the strength and vibrancy of our town has been a true testament to what makes Prescott shine, it is no secret that the struggles so many of us face now put a burden on us all. Many of our local businesses have experienced closures and cutbacks, students are struggling with distance learning and the parameters of stay-at-home orders and limited in-person contact on many levels have been difficult for many members of our community.

But even in those darker corners, there is light and sources of help can be found. That is another beautiful part of this place; the resources available to our citizens are many. We are devoted to one another and it shows. 

The Yavapai Justice and Mental Health Coalition has developed a website with a wealth of resources for members of the community in need of assistance. You can find a complete resource guide with details on avoiding isolation and domestic violence support at Arizona Together is another great website, with listings of state and local support services. Go to 

In addition to the Justice and Mental Health’s one-stop shop resources website, there are a number of other options available:

  • The Yavapai County Information Hotline: 928-442-5103.
  • The state COVID hotline: 211.
  • Go to for daily COVID-19 updates.
  • Go to for statewide health information.
  • For employment & financial assistance go to

During these incredibly difficult times, it is crucial that people find ways to support each other and provide for those in need.