It’s Unconditional

It seems life is getting a little more stressful, but the good news is, your rescue dog is always there for you, ready to listen and make everything better. They don’t judge you; they don’t care what you look like, what kind of car you drive, what job you have or what you wear. They’re waiting for you with a wagging tail when you come home from work, ready to smother you with love and kisses. They’re devoted to only you and will defend you with all they have because you are their life! Your dog will always give you unconditional love and we need to work to be worthy of that love. Josh Billings shared a quote that says it all… “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” What did we ever do to earn this kind of loyalty?

By adopting a shelter dog, you gain a best friend, you’ll never feel lonely, and neither will your dog. By adopting, you’re giving that dog a second chance at having a “happily ever after.” By adopting, you’re a dog’s hero!