Let your Hair Frame Bold Cosmetic Choices

by Blake Herzog

Our makeup choices are getting broader and bolder as we step away from the chill of winter.

Tiny crystals, big contouring and even foil accents on eyelids are dazzling people from fashion runways as well as TikTok and other social media showcases.

Many of the hair trends are built to put fancy faces in the spotlight while your tresses shimmer above.


Blush boom — This dusty accessory began to blow away post-millennium, but has staged a big comeback as we learned how to integrate it into more natural looks. Now it’s being used in more dramatic fashion, visibly sweeping along the cheekbone and up past eyebrows over to the temples.

Neon signs — Multi-toned schemes have been getting extra traction from runways and influencers like the cast of HBO’s “Euphoria.”

Sheeny lips — Lip gloss is riding the crest of Y2K nostalgia, washing away a lot of matte lipstick in favor of a moist sheen that catches the eye whether you’re poolside, downtown or hitting the trail. Bright red lips, glossy or not, are getting extra love this year.

We like big brows — Fluffy, natural eyebrows are gaining more favor over plucked or blocked-off styles, but their color can be as electric as you want because they’re directly in the path of the bold blush and florescent eye shadow juggernauts.


Topping it off — Elegant buns balanced on the crown of the head are the classic way to keep your hair off your neck for a cool look in summer or any time.

Pony up! — Ponytails are the rapid-response sisters to the topknots, simpler to pull together and a way to show off your hair without it getting in the way of your bold, trendy makeup designs. If you don’t have enough hair to pull one off, you can try a clip-in extension.

Pixie dreams — When piling or pulling long up seems like too much trouble, try a short pixie cut that will put volume around your face to frame your lovely, glammed-up visage.

Bi-level beauty — Mullets, shags and wolf cuts have all taught us the utility of putting our business look up front and throwing the party in the back, all of which have led to looks like the “bi-bob,” which frames your eyes and upper cheekbones before a blunt chop separates it from longer hair in the back. The “mob,” or mullet bob, is another variation.