Local Service Can Bring You a ‘Maid to Order’ Spring Cleaning

by Lucy Leyva, Owner, Prescott Maid to Order

As spring approaches, it is time to be thinking about projects and maintenance on your home. Prescott Maid to Order is here to help with all of your spring cleaning and projects. Here are some of the questions I hear when I talk to the members of my community: 

Can you do a one-time cleaning, or do I have to hire you on a regular basis? We can absolutely help you with your one-time projects. Regular recurring service is available on request. 

Can you clean just floors and fans, or do you need to clean everything? We will customize the cleaning to only what you need as often or as little as you want. 

Can you do an after-remodel cleanup in the entire house? Yes, remodeling is a messy project and we can do a final clean so it is sparkling top to bottom. 

Here are some important things to consider:

WINDOW CLEANING – It’s important to maintain your windows and track to maximize your beautiful view and to keep the elements outside. 

CARPET CLEANING – Carpets need to be cleaned periodically to keep your home beautiful and sanitary. 

POWER WASHING – If you are getting ready to paint, clean out rain gutters of debris, or even want to get the marks off your driveway, power washing is a good way to go. 

SPRING CLEANING – Clear out some of the excess stuff from your closet, then clean the stuff that usually doesn’t get done like baseboards, doors, door frames, pot shelves, tops of the kitchen cabinets and blinds.

All these areas have horizontal surfaces that collect dust and dirt all year long and need a good cleaning a couple of times during the year. Take a look in the fridge and the inside of the oven, too, and see if it is time to have them deep-cleaned. 

Get ready to enjoy spring and summer with a beautiful, clean home.