Local technology support organization continues to grow

Only a few months old, Chispa, founded by Joshua Bowen to provide consulting to individuals, businesses or corporations that have problems dealing with technical issues, continues to grow.

Chispa, the Spanish word for “… to spark or to stimulate” was picked by Bowen because it embodies what his consulting business provides – a new look at a way to solve a problem or assist in analyzing an issue that computers, programming and coding may create.

Bowen explained, “I designed Chispa Consulting to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape. We can provide cyber security, software development, automation, and other technological applications that are innovative and contemporary.”

Specifically, Bowen cites six services that he said Chispa can provide:

  • Technology consulting — helping an individual or business make sound, informed and cost-effective decisions about which hardware or software is most appropriate.
  • New business startups — providing counsel for a new business and its furniture and equipment, setup and installation, and when appropriate, hiring of qualified employees.
  • Software development — analyzing the needs and then finding or designing custom software that provides the solutions while remaining within budget constraints.
  • Cyber security — securing sensitive customer and business data throughout the business operation. Also providing training for employees so they are aware of how to prevent security breaches.
  • Process automation — assistance in automating tedious or repetitious tasks ranging from automatic backups to data gathering, automatic reports and service integration.
  • Education and training — planning and running classes for staff members who need functional training in technological tasks. Also, providing information about where to find additional resources, so that a firm can remain contemporary with the rapidly changing technology marketplace.

As a community service, Bowen sponsors technical meet-up sessions, where people with common interests in technological issues can discuss topics. Those sessions are held at the Gurley Street Grill in Prescott beginning at 6:30 p.m., usually the last Wednesday of each month.

“One of my goals is to establish a solid technological community in this region where skilled people can make a good living without having to leave to find a job,” Bowen stressed.

Bowen is a Nebraska native who moved to the Quad City, and is attending Northern Arizona University-Prescott Valley, where he will receive his bachelor’s degree in May 2018 in entrepreneurship and business.

For more information about Chispa, call 402-813-2356 or 402 401-4381 or email josh.bowen@getchispa.com