Luxury Vinyl Plank — The Hottest Flooring Trend Today

by Dennis Rowland, Regional Vice President, Primera Carpet One Floor and Home

Luxury vinyl planks are the fastest-growing interior flooring product on the market today. Below I will touch on a number of key benefits of this beautiful, durable and affordable flooring option.

LVP is a very cost-effective option when considering flooring for your home. You can save hundreds, even thousands, without sacrificing style. Unlike real wood, there are many choices available for under $4 a square foot.

But beware of that “great deal.” If it looks too good to be true — well, you know the rest of that story. Quality LVP starts around $3.50 per square foot and can go up to $7.

If you’re looking to spend a bit less, expect to shop around. At the $3-$4 range colors, sizes and visuals are limited. Don’t lose hope as there are a multitude of choices.

Whether you’re looking to replicate beautiful hickory or reclaimed barn wood or even natural stone, you’re sure to find the perfect style and color. Then consider the size and format. You can choose between large format tiles, wide planks or traditional 2- to 3-inch wide boards. 

Today’s LVP comes in a variety of textures like hand-scraped and knotted. Make sure you run your fingers across the boards to feel the character and texture of today’s LVP. 

LVP flooring is quite durable as it doesn’t easily scratch, and most flooring choices are water-resistant with many even waterproof. Many offerings feature through-body coloring, which means if they do get scratched the damage is less noticeable. Most feature a protective-wear layer and/or hardened clear coat finishes. 

When it comes to maintaining LVP — it doesn’t get any easier. No wax, no polish? No problem. Today’s LVP doesn’t need added finishes to maintain its visual beauty.

In fact, most LVP shouldn’t be waxed at all as it will damage the surface. Always check with your local flooring professional or the manufacturer before applying any surface chemicals.

LVP cleanup is simple. For day-to-day sprucing, use your favorite static dust broom. For a deeper cleaning use a damp (not wet) mop and mild cleaner. What could be easier?