Men of Vision- Grant Quezada

Founder, Founding Fathers Collective

Founding Fathers is the dream of childhood friends Grant Quezada and Jesse Burke. After moving away, building their families and their careers, they found themselves back in Prescott four years ago. Founding Fathers Collective (FFC) has grown out of a belief that through their combined passions, skills and resources they have something to offer their community and their businesses.

For the last six years Grant has owned and operated John Hancock Barbershop. He started off as a hairdresser in Springfield, Missouri. Three years later he found himself looking for more excitement and enlisted in the Army; he spent eight years and six combat deployments with 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment.

Grant, his wife, daughter, and two sons moved back to their hometown fall 2014 with the vision of serving and leading Prescott through business, nonprofits and other civic duties. Founding Fathers Collective opened October 2020 to be a place for all people to come to experience and foster community, care and connection.

The FFC project houses six businesses: City Tavern Taproom, Merchant Coffee, Founders Gym, Liberty Mercantile, Mountain Tribe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the continued legacy of John Hancock Barbershop at 218 N. Granite St. in downtown Prescott.

Grant is running for a Prescott City Council seat and continues to serve in the Arizona National Guard.

Contact Information
218 N. Granite St.
Prescott, AZ 86301