Men of Vision- Jim Cannon

Owner, Thumb Butte Landscape & Design, LLC

Jim Cannon loves the outdoors, so becoming a professional landscaper felt right. “Being outside is one of the best things in my mind,” says the father to two sons and husband to Lisa, who he met in junior high.

Jim says Thumb Butte Landscaping and Design is a family business; Lisa communicates with clients and handles administrative matters, while his sons often join the crew. “People enjoy seeing the boys on the job site,” he says.

With 25 years in the construction and landscape business, they do it all, he adds. “Everything is a specialty with us, from maintenance, irrigation, to hardscapes, to client’s custom dreams.”

To get a new client started, Jim visits with a homeowner or business owner for a free assessment. Most clients are interested in a monthly maintenance package, which includes pruning and trimming, and maintaining irrigation systems, fertilization, and more.

“Each property is individual and needs an individualized plan. It’s very fulfilling for me to see a property owner’s enjoyment at seeing their plan come to fruition.”

Jim and his wife enjoy watching their oldest son Jake play guitar professionally, as well as spending time outdoors with Justin, their youngest, grilling and visiting with friends.

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