Men of Vision

Visionaries Build Communities
Their dreams flesh out the details that turn a cluster of homes into a full-service city or town with public safety, recreational and cultural resources. They build companies that are about improving their neighbors’ lives as much as they’re about sales and personal and professional achievements.

In this issue we’re putting the spotlight on men of vision — those who have helped shape Greater Prescott into the residential, business and tourism hub of Yavapai County. Their imprint is visible in Prescott’s historic downtown, the animal-centric large lots of Chino Valley, and everywhere in between.

Having a vision of what a community can become isn’t enough by itself, of course.

The visionary must be able to communicate their goals, convince others of their worthiness and build coalitions to bring them to fruition. They need to be savvy enough to know how to finance the projects they plan and tenacious enough to try again if their vision doesn’t meet their expectations the first time around.

Some type of leadership must be involved, along with the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to get things going. The leaders must not give in to distractions but stay focused on the goal, whether it’s to grow a business, develop a park or start a nonprofit to fill an unmet need.

The men featured in this edition of Prescott LIVING have brought their vision to Greater Prescott as elected officials, builders and developers, business owners, sports executives, philanthropists and much more, often taking on more than one role.

We thank them all for their work in making our area the beautiful, livable haven we call home.