NACOG Offers Resident Weatherization Assistance

After a year unlike any other, many people have been left searching for financial support to help them survive what has been one of the toughest times since the Great Depression.

NACOG — the Northern Arizona Council of Governments — has stepped up to help. It is the 15th year NACOG has done so.

Residents throughout Yavapai, Apache, Coconino and Navajo counties are being urged by Teri Drew, regional director of NACOG, to apply as soon as possible for energy-saving weatherization services.

Leah Cickavage, a senior staff member at NACOG, said, “NACOG staff will perform a comprehensive energy audit on your home. It includes a complete health and safety diagnosis of your combustion appliances (HVAC, water heater, range) and pressure diagnostics/balance tests.”

She said that dependent on test data and funding availability, services such as the following might be provided if data warrant and if applicable. Qualification of applicants is determined by gross annual income in relation to occupancy.

  • HVAC repair or replacement
  • water heater repair or replacement
  • refrigerator replacement or repair.
  • insulate or increase insulation of attic and floor
  • repair of forced air ducts
  • repair or replacement of gas range
  • repair or replacement of evaporative cooler 
  • repair of broken glass
  • weather stripping and air sealing and caulking

Cickavage said all measures must be cost-effective as determined by test data and must meet guidelines set by the Department of Energy. Full details are available at: NACOG Weatherization, 3111 N. Caden Court, Suite 100, Flagstaff, AZ 86004; 928-774-3759; or