Never too Old to Learn

by Marnie Uhl, President/CEO, Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce

As I celebrate 13 years at the Prescott Valley Chamber and seven years prior with the Springerville-Eagar Chamber, I am amazed how this industry is still exciting, dynamic and challenging.

What started out as a part-time job has turned into a passion that burns within me to go above and beyond in providing exceptional leadership, positive programs and sustaining the attitude that the business community is the foundation for a community’s greatness. Business provides jobs, services and opportunities for economic growth as a contributor to the quality of life in a town or city.

Planning for the Future

I have always subscribed that to be the best in what I do, it is necessary to seek out education, professional development and networking among peers and mentors.

Recently, I joined with many of my fellow Arizona Chamber executives and attended our annual Chamber Executive conference with the Western Association of Chamber Executives, an association of Chamber professionals from the 15 Western states. I have been attending the conference annually for many years, and each time I leave with an assortment of brilliant ideas and an optimistic approach for the coming year.

This comes from sitting in classes presented by experts in specific areas of focus, keynote presentations by leaders with a larger view and meeting with friends and colleagues in informal settings. As I was recognized for 20 years in the Chamber industry at this conference, I find that while I know so much, I do not know it all and value this time of learning.

Working Together

We are embarking on yet another era in the business industry and working to help provide and promote its success. We are taking a proactive stand in believing that our business community is solid, successful and invested, and the Chamber is the champion, convener and catalyst for supporting and ensuring that “The rising tide lifts all the boats.” And together we are strong!

I recommend anyone in business connect with their appropriate professional association. The education and connections are invaluable, no matter how long you have been in business. Exciting times are on the horizon!