New Opportunities and Development Enhance Prescott

by Greg Mengarelli, Mayor, City of Prescott

For many years Prescott has been a desirable place to live for people of all ages. Our many outdoor recreation options, summer and fall special events and beautiful holiday celebrations provide the ability to live a full life.

In addition to the options for a work-life balance, Prescott has a strong education system for our K-12 children. I’m proud that all of my children have had the opportunity to attend area schools and move on to university, with the hopes of their returning to contribute to their hometown as adults.

With Montessori, charter and public school options well suited for all learning styles, students can get the necessary building blocks for higher education options at an Arizona state school or right here in our community at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott College or Yavapai College.

It has long been a goal for the city’s economic development to provide our graduates with career opportunities right here in Prescott. On June 24 a new tech company, which is the perfect example of one that will meet that goal, broke ground near the Prescott Regional Airport. CP Technologies out of San Diego is the newest addition to the north Prescott area. The company began a search for new locations, looking throughout Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Alabama, but Prescott won out because of the strength of our community, great educational institutions, great weather and business-friendly environment.

CP Technologies was acquired by Aeronautics (of Israel) in 2018, then in 2019 Aeronautics was acquired by Rafael, the largest defense company in Israel. These acquisitions make CP Technologies prime to become the hub for manufacturing and marketing of all systems in North America for Aeronautics, making Prescott key to that type of development. For over 20 years CP Technologies has been a leader in rugged and custom computer hardware for the defense and industrial markets.

By the end of 2020 CP Technologies plans to be fully vested in its Prescott location building aircraft and landing on a private airstrip. This opening has the potential to provide over 100 jobs within three years, making an incredible impact on the Prescott community and our surrounding areas. This investment of jobs will also provide opportunities for additional supply chain connections for even more financial opportunities for the Prescott area.

In addition to the building of CP Technologies’ facility, development continues at the new airport passenger terminal. Despite various COVID-19 shutdowns, construction has not been affected by supply chain or manpower decreases. Concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter, masonry columns and retaining walls are currently in the works with new access roads, parking lot, installation of lighting/landscaping, and completion of roof decking to be finished by mid-August. The terminal is expected to be completed by mid-March 2021, making the Prescott Regional Airport an even more beautiful and desirable hub.

These developments and enhancements in the north Prescott region will enhance the dynamics and strength of the greater Prescott community. Our hometown has always represented the best of the state of Arizona and has continued to shine through difficult times this year. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for CP Technologies and our airport and how that will positively impact this community.