Picking Wedding Flowers Can Be Easy and Fun with the Right Consultant

by Ann Saltz, Owner, Prescott Flower Shop

A wedding without flowers is like a marriage without joy. 

Flowers are not only beautiful, joyful and celebratory, but they are the key component that sets the mood and ambience for your wedding. From the bohemian wildflower vibe to the elegant, sophisticated look, flowers pull all the elements together to celebrate your personality and the uniqueness of your relationship. 

Many brides can be intimidated when choosing their flowers. They feel like they don’t know enough about flowers or how to use flowers to create the ambience they desire. However, the only thing that matters is that you know the mood you want to set, the colors that make you feel happy, and how much you can budget for flowers. A few pictures of things that please you will also help. 

Then all you need is a talented, seasoned bridal consultant, one that has made the dreams come true for hundreds of brides. Donnita at Prescott Flower Shop is one such consultant. She loves doing complimentary bridal consultations. She will show you different types and characteristics of flowers, discuss your display options and help you prioritize your desires. 

After your consultation, she will give you a detailed, written cost estimate, allowing you to have visibility into the quote. This will allow you to prioritize and change items that may not meet your needs. 

Flowers have the reputation of being a very expensive part of a wedding, but they don’t have to be. We specialize in creating the feel or look you desire to fit within your budget. We know everyone wants the abundance of beauty and life expressed through flowers on their most special day, and we will do everything within our means to make that happen.