Pinterest Predicts Neutrals, Neon

by Blake Herzog

Pinterest, the page where countless home décor, fashion, lifestyle, food and other ideas are born, releases its predictions for what will be trendy for the next year based not on what’s being most searched worldwide at the moment but on those rising the most quickly in the rankings. 

For 2021, Pinterest Business has bookmarked a total of 30 trends to watch this year. A little surprisingly, only four are grouped into the “home” category. After all, “home” is where we are spending much more of our leisure and work time as it becomes ever more the center of our worlds. 

Perhaps we’ve reached the point where many of us know what we want in our homes and are for the most part not searching Pinterest for home décor inspiration, but some trends are new and compelling enough to get many curious folks checking them out: 

  • “Japandi” décor — This hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics is quickly gaining traction for its minimalism mixed with sleek designs, neutral colors and calming scenes, Pinterest says. The result is lots of wooden furniture surrounded by neutral, natural shades and materials and a minimum of excess clutter.
    Associated trending searches include “Japandi,” “neutral palette earth tones,” “wooden bed design modern,” “minimalist bathroom design” and “modern minimalist kitchen.”  
  • The “cloffice” — Open floor plans are falling out of favor for home offices as well as those on site, with people seeking more privacy by whatever means possible. This trend started out with desks being tucked away into freed-up closets, many of which weren’t big enough to accommodate the person sitting at the desk so the chair would be out in the open when in use. 

The concept has grown to include efforts to carve some privacy out around offices or other dedicated spaces within the house. Pinterest cites trending searches for “cloffice ideas,” “bookshelf room dividers,” “home library designs,” “computer gaming room” and “modern mud room,” which these days may have to be inserted into the garage or laundry room. 

  • Shelves as kitchen showplaces — More people are choosing kitchen storage to show off dishes, glassware, copper cookware and more, because who says you only get to enjoy them while you’re using them? Buy pretty kitchenware and show it off! 

Pinners are hustling to learn more about “clay plates,” “copper cookware,” “floating shelves in kitchen,” “colored glassware” and “plate racks in kitchen.” Putting your kitchen’s contents on display does mean you should keep on top of any dust or other substances that might settle upon them, but it’s worth it to not have to keep these lovelies hidden from view! 

  • Vibey lights and hues — Gen Z consumers in particular are crackling over decorative neon and LED lighting in bedrooms, bringing their names, mantras or philosophies to brilliant life in signs or using lots of accent lighting to give the whole room a moody but vibrant aura. 

Related searches include “neon room,” “mirror with LED lights,” “blue LED lights bedroom,” “LED light room” and “LED signs,” in which you find all sorts of scenes where dark and light blend into a captivating whole.