Pizza Q&A: Two Mamas’ Gourmet Pizzeria

What type of pizza do you offer? (For example, New York or Chicago style, wood-fired, etc.)
Thin hand tossed and pan. Our pan is Detroit style that is square. We also offer gluten free crust. And we offer pizzas for vegan and Keto diets.

What’s the most popular pizza you serve at your establishment?
Our most popular specialty pizza is BBQ Chicken. But we offer build your own(BYO) as an option. You can customize any of our crust with your choice of any of our 60+ toppings to make it the perfect pizza for you. The BYO pizza as a group is our #1 seller over all.

Where did you learn how to make pizza?
Right here at Two Mamas Gourmet Pizzeria in Prescott.

Two Mamas’ Pizza
221 N. Cortez St, Prescott
(928) 443-9455