Prescott Chamber of Commerce Webinar Features ROX Media Group

A webinar sponsored by the Prescott Chamber of Commerce and several other organizations recently offered an online program that focused upon providing advice to the business community about how to re-open businesses following the quarantine caused by the pandemic.

Presented May 7, the program featured Leslie Horton, director of Yavapai County Community Health Services, and Elaine Earle, CPA and publisher, ROX Media Group. 

Horton focused upon advising businesses about how best to sustain healthy businesses practices. She shared advice from medical authorities around the nation about how businesses had a responsibility to provide protected and safe environments for not just customers but also employees. 

Horton also urged people to avoid situations that would possibly expose them to the coronavirus. She emphasized COVID-19 is a serious threat to the health of people of all ages, not just the elderly. 

Earle focused upon advice to businesses about the essentials of professional communication and marketing strategies. She acknowledged the shutdown created by the COVID-19 quarantine had created serious financial issues for business around the country. She then used a PowerPoint presentation to suggest practical tactics to help businesses survive fiscal threats.

The purpose for the webinars is to provide businesses and employees in Yavapai County with the best information possible to navigate through the pandemic. Dozens of partners, ranging from Yavapai College to the Small Business Administration to the Arizona Commerce Department and Northern Arizona Council of Governments, have cooperated in providing current information. 

More information about these webinars is available through