Prescott Committee Efforts Will Make ‘Everybody’s Hometown’ Even Homier

by Greg Mengarelli, Mayor, City of Prescott

Prescott has long been known as “Everybody’s Hometown,” and this welcoming slogan has helped our town prosper and grow in many positive ways over the years. Our community is one where people want to live, visit and call home, and we are fortunate this is the case.

As Prescott has grown, it has still retained its unique small-town feel and that is due in part to the dedication of our community members to remain focused on what makes our town special. Our history, vibrant downtown corridor, outdoor amenities and incredibly involved citizen base are just a few of the things making Prescott so strong. 

During my first term as mayor, I established a number of ad hoc committees, including the Commission on Ecological, Cultural, Historical/Heritage and Outdoors (ECHO). Keeping in mind a desire to highlight the things that make Prescott unique, the commission works to identify current ECHO resources and those that could be developed, works with local groups with common goals and interests, and researches best practices to identify ways the City can support local groups through grants and/or cooperative agreements.

Since 2018, ECHO members have been working with each other and community members to enhance the unique strengths of Prescott and build upon them where possible.

This year we have also formed the Mayor’s Commission on a Community of Well-Being. This commission will focus on communication with the public about available services for everyone in Prescott from birth through life. There are so many wonderful services offered in our town, and the ability to connect people and provide purpose for those services is paramount. Enhancing everyone’s quality of life with services related to health, transportation, affordable housing, safety, education, parks and recreation, trails and organized activities can only help to benefit people from all walks of life here in Prescott.

Enhancements and connections from the beautification of Whiskey Row Alley and Granite Creek Corridor, as well as the forthcoming Hilton Garden Inn, will create an even better downtown and extend its walkability and accessibility to additional areas of Prescott. Plans for new trail connections will make what is already a beloved part of the community, our beautiful national forest, even more enjoyable. 

City Council and staff continue to focus on and desire to make improvements to create the most vibrant, accessible and well thought-out community we can for our citizens and visitors.

I am looking forward to seeing what the hard work and thoughtful ideas of our committees and commissions can achieve for the betterment of Prescott’s well-being.