PV Offers Ways to Disconnect by Heading Outdoors

by Kell Palguta, Mayor, Town of Prescott Valley

This is an exciting time of the year for visitors and residents of Prescott Valley. Now that weather is starting to get warmer, more and more people are finding reasons to do things outdoors. 

Here in Prescott Valley we have a few hidden gems that many local outdoor enthusiasts enjoy. Outdoor activities are especially welcome in this time of social distancing and the cancellation of so many events.

Consider hiking up Glassford Hill on the Glassford Hill Summit Trail, where the 900-foot ascent rewards hikers with a breathtaking view of the high plains. On most days you can see all the way to Flagstaff. This hike allows you to go at your own pace without fear of getting in the way or slowing others down. If you are interested in a little more outdoor scenery, head on over to Fain Park.  

Fain Park offers visitors the opportunity to hike around the 3-acre lake, sit on the grass to have a picnic or even try your skill at fishing. 

In a time when more and more Americans are finding reasons to go outside and explore on their own, Prescott Valley is constantly trying to improve ways for its residents and visitors to do so.  

I would also welcome residents and visitors to check out one of our 27 public parks throughout Prescott Valley. Whether you are working on your cardio with the built-in circuit exercise course at Mountain Valley Park or letting your inner child come out at the soon-to-be-constructed Spray Pad at Bob Edwards Park, you will certainly leave feeling better than when you started.

If a hike up Glassford Hill is a bit beyond your physical abilities, check out Prescott Valley’s multi-use pathway system and multiple other trails. The multi-use pathway system runs from the front of Prescott Valley on State Route 69 to the center of Town, and from the west side in Castle Canyon Mesa east to the Mountain Valley Park area, then north on the Pipeline trail to Highway 89A. 

Find more Prescott Valley trails at www.pvaz.net/373/Hiking-and-Trails.

At the end of the day, the key to enjoying yourself in our day and age is recognizing that trying something new is the way to break out of our comfort bubble. I was never really big into going for hikes, and then one day I gave it a try. Now I find myself taking visitors with me to different hiking points throughout the Town of Prescott Valley.

I understand that hiking may not be for everyone, and that is OK. I just know that getting outside and away from our devices, computers, tablets and getting disconnected is good for the mind, soul and body.  

So whatever you choose to do, I promise you will not be disappointed. I welcome everyone to enjoy Prescott Valley as much as I do.

Photo: The Glassford Summit trail offers public art such as this sculpture by Gene Galavan.
Photo by Adam Crownoble