by Mike Branigan, Owner/Operator, Run-A-Muk Dog Resort & Hotel

Selecting the right pet boarding facility for your furry friend can be an emotional decision and consists of many factors: Is this the right fit for my pet, reputation of the business, recommendations from friends and family, services they provide, location, can they support the medical needs of my pet, etc. The list goes on.

After reviewing all of the information on websites, social media and marketing materials, the following are some key questions to help you make the right decision for your pet and give you valuable insight to asking the right questions:

  1. Is your pet socialized with other animals, does he/she go to the dog park? Walked daily with other dogs? Have brothers and sisters?
  2. Does the boarding facility have 24 hour/overnight supervision of your pet?
  3. Is your pet kept in a kennel all day and just let out a few times to go to the bathroom? Dogs are social animals and need to be in the right environment.
  4. Does the facility have 24-hour per day emergency services?
  5. How well trained is the staff?
  6. What are the cleanliness practices of the business?
  7. How long has the business been operating?
  8. What is the safety record of the business?

These are just a few questions everyone should ask your perspective day-care and boarding facility. Most of us care for our animals as much as our children, and you need to ask the same questions as you would when interviewing a perspective day care for your children.

Run-A-Muk Dog Resort and Hotel is Northern Arizona’s premier, award-winning, pet day-care and boarding facility. The complex is almost 1acre of dog-socialized play yards and has been a temporary home to hundreds of thousands of animals over the last 12 years.