Shoutout to the Volunteers

by Sandy Griffis, Executive Director, Yavapai County Contractors Association

The YCCA Future Builders Boot Camp, held January 7-25, 2019, with 27 young adults was not accomplished just because of YCCA’s efforts, but through the efforts of so many others. YCCA’s Boot Camp required the support and cooperation from so many fabulous community partners.

Here are my big hugs and big thanks to so many who had the desire to make a positive difference in 27 young wonderful lives known as Adrian, Bianca, Brian, Bryce, Cameron, Chase, Dason, David, Gabriel, Jamal, Jeffrey, Jordan P., Jordan T., Joseph, Juan, Kalvin, Karl, Killian, Logan, Matt, Mike, Mitchell, Nicholas, Paulina, Valdes, Walker and Zane.

United Way’s Annette Olson: What a powerful most magnificent woman you are to believe in YCCA and trust us with making a difference by awarding YCCA a $15,000 grant to make a metamorphosis somehow, someway in our community. When we said “Yes” to the grant, we had no idea what we were going to do. However, a new concept and an out-of-the-box idea was developed; a three-week, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday-Friday Construction Boot Camp.

From the power of giving from the United Way to the loving, most wonderful humans in our community, who gave their patience, love, heart and soul, and their humor, we send a huge thank you. Your greater service in helping others made a positive difference in the lives of these young adults.

To Greg our bus driver for three weeks: Your smile was beyond the best. Prescott Unified School District is lucky to have you behind the wheel of the big yellow bus! And the children lucky enough to ride your bus, they are indeed blessed. I loved the front-seat ride glide! How great it is that PUSD offers a bus for rent at a very reasonable rate with a driver. This was better than an Uber.

Deb Peterson of Coaching Clarity By Definition: We started the boot camp off with a life coach and your talk and communication to these young adults was powerful. Your words and communication were extraordinary and displayed love and warmth that will affect their attitudes and life. So lucky you came and spoke with the “boot campers.”

To the magnificent group of Prescott Area Young Professionals: Ariana, Andrew, Colton, Cody, Miguel, Molly, Maria, Megan, Tyler, Zak and Wesley, you are all tremendous, and I really would like your bylaws changed to allow this baby boomer to be a part of the PAYP Organization. The way you spoke to these young adults and shared how failure in life is pretty normal and we have all been there and done that, and it does not make one a failure in life. How important it is for everyone to have a “person” in their life, someone to talk with and bounce ideas off. Kudos and much love to our Prescott Area Young Professionals. Your willingness to help with the boot camp was overwhelming.

Our Women In Construction and Job Expectations Series: Was monumental. Kathy from Haley Construction, Cindy from 2-A-T Construction, Rachel from Chino Heating & Cooling, Kim from The Plumbing Store and Brenda from Yavapai Mechanical — these wonderful women in the industry shared what it is like to work in a man’s world, and they are holding their own to a “T.” Love these ladies and what they represent and bring to the industry. Allan and Jeff from Haley, Garth from Fann and Patrice from the City of Prescott, you made a difference in sharing what the workforce is like and what is expected of young adults when they go to work in any field or any service industry. Such nobility of purpose you all have, and I know your time spent with these young adults will improve their lives.

To Jim and Jimmy Johnson, Wyatt and Will Orr, Bill and William Gagnon, Mike and Brady Little and Chuck and Kurt Merritt: For sharing the father/son experience of untiring devotion and love. It was an honor to be able to bring you to the boot camp and listen to your hearts so full of inspiration, passion and love of family.

Our field trips and classroom times were so exciting and full of great information. Chuck Merritt and his entire crew brought in more tools than I ever knew existed. These “boot campers” loved the tools! Brent from Arizona Public Service gave a fantastic talk on APS. Jim Reed from HR Quality Homes you were great! Josh Lewis from Foxworth, I wanted to fill out an employment application after listening to you. Jon from Certa Pro, you and your team made painting sound outrageously exciting! Mike McCormick from Asphalt Paving & Supply, your field trip was beyond exciting. The hands-on tours were so respected by the young adults, and thank you for the opportunity to see your operations up close.

Keven Kullberg and Glen Copeland: Loved the foundation and soils sharing. You had their attention with what you do and how important your career is in the industry. You are performing a task that will never ever go away. It will become only more and more important. You both are great Wikipedia brains!

Tom Reilly of Renovations: You are a teacher of accomplishment with your blueprint reading and math skills. A pleasure and thank you for giving your time and expertise many times throughout the course of three weeks. Next boot camp I see more blueprint reading and math skills in your future.

The roofing classroom time was a hit thanks to Roger Barton of Badger Roofing and Greg Barstad of Granite Basin Roofing. The young adults loved the hands-on project you created for them, so much so, we could hardly get them back into class.

Matt Greenlee, Greenlee Designer Surfaces: Yahoo! We have a couple of young adults who want to learn the flooring/tile biz from you. You were a hit!

Wyatt, BJ and Dan from Earth Resources: There are no words. Your untiring devotion and love of earth work and yellow metal and talk of family and respect for one another was held in high regard by these young adults. I cannot even begin to describe the sterling qualities you all possess.

Chris Welborn from Vincente Landscaping: Wow, you had these young adults at “Hi,” when you brought your entire team, equipment and talked the talk and thrill of landscaping. You and your employees are a symbol of great affection for a wonderful industry.

And then the marvelous crew from JT’s Septic. We love you guys. Richey you are terrific! JT’s Septic — to all of your employees, your true and faithful outstanding service to this community just gleams.

Jim Crawford of Steel Erection and Maintenance and Pat Dugan from A Action Welding: I want you to know how YCCA greatly appreciated your participation, sharing the love of an industry that will never go away. The inspiration and admiration you have from your employees, and that you display to others, is an indication of devotion to education of our youth. I mentioned to Jim Crawford it would be thrilling to be a female steel erector. Jim took one look at my shoes and said, “Sandy, you need more boot and less heel.” Guess I will not be walking the steel anytime soon.

Field Trips from Elan Electric, (Jim & Jimmy Johnson) The Plumbing Store, (Bill, William and Kim Gagnon) Dorn Homes, (Rusty Weathersby, Chris Harrison) MI Windows, (Dan Bidwell) Premier Builders, (Ron Owsley) Gale Insulation, (Shane Burginger) Sun States Builders, (Colin Lovdahl) Chino Heating & Cooling, (Mike & Brady Little): Such great education, and thank you all for truly taking the lead and wanting to make a difference. Your time and passion for the industry was so very evident. You all gave the best of yourself to these young adults.

Lesa and Dan of New Life CPR: Words are inadequate to describe what you did for these young adults. Every one of the young adults was certified in CPR & First Aid. Hugs to you.

A special thanks to Scott Norton of Findlay Event Center and Chef Jim. You so spoiled these young adults with the setup and the array of lunches you provided. They watched the clock for lunch time!

All of our boot camp participants represent what is good, fine and admirable. Every person and company is a vital and effective force in our area. Thank you to all of you who have given your heart and love of the industry and life, and for that you have my boundless admiration and love to Pluto and back!

The team spirit, hard work and loyalty to the industry that built America, and will continue to build America and its spirit, was displayed by each and every one of these companies and their employees. This was a total volunteer boot camp, and I am indeed humbled and proud of all of you who worked so hard to make this boot camp a success. Your kindness and the warmth of your friendship will never be forgotten. It is great to know you and work with you in the most fabulous industry and community ever!