Skyview Kindergarten Teacher Shares Hopes

As last year through this spring brought its various challenges, most parents and teachers share a positive outlook for the future. Take, for instance, Skyview School kindergarten teacher Kate Butcher.

Kate grew up in the hills of Jerome. With 18 years of teaching experience, she holds a master’s in language, literacy and culture, and an AZ K-8 license.

“When I found Skyview, it felt like I was home,” she says. “Students are seen for themselves, celebrated, and honored in all their individuality.”

Kate and her co-teacher and sister Alice Ross, have run a fun-filled one-week summer camp every June for Skyview students since 2018. They reconnect with the kids, take a load off of the Skyview parents all while providing educational and fun activities to keep the kids engaged when parents are working.

Now, Kate is ready to get back for the fall quarter.

“Each year, we spend hours, days and even weeks in our classrooms preparing both the classrooms and for our academic calendars and curriculum. This is often done with grade-level teams, subject-area teams and other subgroups within our schools,” Kate says. “To execute a smooth and productive school year it is imperative teachers are ready to go on Day One, with not only student lessons and activities, but long-term plans and an overarching view of the school year.”

As the school year is fast upon us, Kate says she hopes parents will share a “willingness to communicate needs and an openness to express emotions, needs and ideas.”

“Parents should have an organized space at home for the children to keep materials and maintain a sense of ownership and responsibility for school-related tasks, materials, etc.,” she says.

“Communication is the No. 1 ingredient in a healthy and positive home-to-school relationship!”

Skyview School is a public charter school established in 1996 that encourages respect, kindness, compassion and empathy. Students are invited to become deep thinkers, explorers and drivers of their own education.

It is a school that provides much more than academic rigor, but fosters a love of learning, a love of living and a love of self. Learn more at