The People, who dedicate their time to rescue, are Our Heroes

by Loree Walden, Marketing Manager, Yavapai Humane Society

Heroes come in every shape and form. They come into our lives for a reason, whether we know it or not.

The heroes on the following pages all came into each other’s lives and have changed each other forever. Whether the hero has four legs or two, it doesn’t matter. Really, who rescued who? Who’s really the hero?

We all are!

The biggest joy for all of us at Yavapai Humane Society is when furever families are formed and lives are changed. There is no better feeling than seeing one of our animals walk out of the lobby (or get carried out) with their new family and go home!

Do we cry happy tears with every adoption? Yes, every day! Every animal in our care matters, and we love them as if they were our own. Our only wish for each of them is a forever home!

Some come to us through Animal Control, some because of a hoarding situation, some because their person unfortunately passed away, some come to us as strays, and some come to us because of an owner surrender due to circumstances beyond their control.

No matter how they come to us, we know they are scared and trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Are we their heroes for caring for them and loving them? No — because caring for animals isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are! The next six pages share stories of people who feel the same way.

Heroes are people who make themselves extraordinary. Or, is it the animals that make themselves extraordinary? Answer: Both!

thank you!

by Nicole Luck

In September 2019 I was sitting at home scrolling though social media, and I came across a post for a very scared looking Chihuahua named Howard.

Howard had a really rough start in life because he was born into a hoarding situation and was very neglected and terrified of just about everyone and everything. But, there was something in his eyes that spoke to me.

I sent his story to my husband, who is a long-haul truck driver, and I told him: “I think we need Howard.” We had already decided we did not “need” another dog, but I felt Howard needed us.

I sent a message asking if I could come meet him. The marketing manager, Loree, responded. Over the next couple of days, she and I spent a lot of time talking about Howard, his personality, challenges and what to expect from him. We set up several meet-and-greets — the behavior team explained what to do and not do, and how to approach Howard.

For the third meet-and-greet, we brought our other dogs in to meet him, and everyone did well together. The amazing staff decided he would be a good fit for our household.

Howard is a very quirky dog, but he is well loved, and we are his two favorite people in the world.

One of the best things that has happened to Howard is my husband decided to start taking him out on the road with him.

He has been to almost every state in the country, he is learning to get over his fears of loud noises and other people.

To be fair, he is not fond of other people, he just no longer tries to run in the opposite direction, so we call that a major win! Howard went from a scared, shutdown dog to becoming a professional traveler.

He loves both of us so much, and we just think the world of him. Thank you so much to everyone at YHS for believing in Howard and trusting us as his people

by Kim Chalfont

She must have been loved a lot because she has such a sweet, gentle and kind heart. Things have been going well since I brought Mercy home. Around the sixth day she had the routine of our house figured out. She started coming out of her shell, showing more interest in Lacey and me.

She began by wanting to hang out with us — still somewhat standoffish, but showing interest in daily activities like lying next to my other dog Lacey and me while I work on my computer. Also being in the living room while I watch TV.

Once in a while she would swing by for a pet or two. And, after about 3 weeks of Mercy being home, I finally got a happy tail wag and shortly after that, my first kiss from her. I was so happy and thought, she really likes me.

Socializing is so important to do with your pet, and I believe the past owner did a great job of doing this. Mercy loves to watch people and dogs go parading by, and not one bark from her. She greets people and their pets with a warm welcome.

A funny thing she did at first was to go out the doggie door but not come back in. She would sit out there and whine. Then, if no one answered, she would bark. Finally, after a few times I got her to come back in by herself. Now she just wants to be with us. She is like my shadow.

I feel blessed to have this Mercy Girl in our family to bring joy and happiness to our lives. Makes me understand how important it is to have arrangements made for our pet friends in the event of an unforeseen death. Just another token of love to make sure our fur babies are not left to fend for themselves.

Thank you all at Yavapai Humane Society for giving this scared and hurting little girl a safe place to be until her new mom came to take her home.

by Loree Walden as told by Lois McCune

Azul was a sweet 13-year-old pit bull mix when she came to us. Her previous owners had her for her whole life, and she was sad and confused as to why she was here and what was happening.

Most people aren’t looking for an older dog when adopting, but Lois isn’t “most people.” She came in and met Azul, and they both knew they were made for each other.

“Azul is the best girl,” Lois says. “She has so much love to give, and she loves us and our friends. She initially had separation anxiety when I’d leave, and still does to a degree. She follows me around most of the day, and if she is sleeping on her bed in our living room, will raise her head to make sure we are still there.

“She is like a baby and loves to be wrapped in a blanket while sleeping. People need to consider the love a senior dog has! I love dogs and thought adopting a senior would be good for me and her. She is a love. It’s sad very few want senior dogs. They have so much love to give.

“It will soon be two years we have enjoyed her antics. And she does have them! It’s funny, my husband didn’t want a dog, but Azul has certainly taken ahold of his heart too! We are so lucky and love our Azul to the moon and back.”

Thank you Lois for being Azul’s hero!

by Bart Obeirne

Finding my way to Mr. Mochi took a considerable amount of time, and in that time a number of other incredible dogs were considered.

But I am thankful we found our way to each other. He is one of the most unique, kind and sweetest animals I have ever been around.

When I saw his picture and read his bio, I anticipated a dog that was probably a little bit stiff and angry at the world. But he is warm and affectionate with his humans and easy going with other creatures.

He came from a hoarding situation where he was one of 130 dogs, so my guess is at some point he quit seeing other animals as threats, unless food was involved.

Mochi has the most unique appearance with his lack of hair — except for a little swath around and between his eyes — little bat ears, gorilla jowls, no teeth and a tongue that loves to play peek a boo, little wolverine claws (most likely from lack of attention to them over the years), the cutest piggy
tail and a handful of warts. He’s also hearing impaired.

He comes to work with me every day, and he has met almost all my customers and probably 30 plus new dogs over the course of the last month. He also does
fabulously with the four dogs I previously adopted.

We like to brush up on our nap technique, watch retro TV and movies, and ride our motorcycle together. We started an Instagram page to document our
adventures. We have a relationship much like the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda; anywhere I go, he goes.

A giant thanks to Yavapai Humane Society for finding and taking care of this little gremlin until he found his way home.

by Rachael Olson

The fear of facing another heartache kept us from adopting.

We lost our good boy in August 2020 to cancer, and it completely devastated our family. We had adopted Bruiser when he was 8 weeks old. My children had never lived in a house without a dog.

After a year had gone by, though, and the tears had begun to subside, the thought of adopting again began to build in my heart. I started scanning the Yavapai Humane Society website for a possible match.

I made an appointment to come and hang with Lugo and had every intention of taking him home with me that day. As fate would have it, I was introduced to Bonnie, and it was love at first sight!

Her excitement, tail wagging and kisses were too much to turn down. Although no dog can ever be replaced, Bonnie has filled our home once again with love, laughter, cuddles, tug-o-war, protection and friendship that will last forever.
We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Bonnie is absolutely amazing, and she is our hero for filling our hearts once again with the type of love only a furry companion can deliver.

We love our sweet girl.

by Donna Williams

I believe in love at first sight. I know, because it happened to me. … And I would move heaven and earth, climb the highest mountains and traverse the lowest valleys to make a union possible.

Such is the case of two abused and neglected Xolos seized by the Yavapai Humane Society. One look at those sweet little faces on their website and I began my mountain and valley laden journey.

First order of business was a phone call to Yavapai Humane Society to inquire about their status. Were they available? Spoken for? Do you adopt to out-of-state clients? So many questions, but it became my mission.

Yes, they were available! No, they weren’t spoken for. And hallelujah they would adopt to a person from out of state!

Hold my beer, I’m on the way!

Travel arrangements were made for a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Las Vegas, a rental car secured and a hotel room reserved.

I could hardly sleep that night in Prescott, Arizona knowing I was just hours away from meeting my new babies! I was waiting with anticipation at the gate the next morning before they opened.

I walked into the lobby and a gentleman stepped out to greet me. I told him who I was and the purpose of my visit and his eyes widened as he explained that they had never had a client fly in from out of state.

Honestly, as a flight attendant, hopping a plane was fairly normal procedure for me; I forget most folks don’t operate that way. Nonetheless, here I was, and boy I was sure anxious to meet these two!

The minute I locked eyes with these boys, I knew, it was a perfect match! A tear or five may have been shed as I gathered them up in my arms and snuggled my face into their little bodies.

Paperwork completed, thank yous exchanged, hugs for everyone and we were off on the long ride back to Texas. I chose to drive back rather than check them as cargo in the belly of the aircraft. They were so small and hairless, I felt it would be too traumatic given their situation.

Besides, the trip would allow us to become better acquainted before they met the existing pack at home.

We became old pals quickly and they fell into the fold seamlessly. Our female Chinese Crested became part of the trio almost overnight and they rapidly gained the weight they desperately needed. Hector may love his chow (and anyone else’s he can sneak!) a little too much!

I’m good with that. I’m good with everything these two can come up with
because they are just two tiny Xolos living their best life!!

Hi there! I’d like to introduce myself; my name is Ella, and I’m an 8-year-old retriever/rat terrier mix who’s been here since March 2021. I don’t understand why I haven’t found my furever home yet, cuz I’m really cute, smart and super sweet!

I really like being outside and exploring, and when I’m done, it’s time to come inside and relax with you and take a nap. I’m learning how to walk better on a leash and can’t wait to go on a walk together!

I get super excited sometimes and get a little jumpy, so we need to work on that. I can get a little vocal too (but, hey… I’m a dog, we bark!), but I know the word “quiet,” and I follow direction on that.

I’m a sweet girl who has so much life and love left in me to give to my new best friend!

If you’re interested in meeting me, call my friends at 928.445.2666 and they’ll set up an appointment.

I can’t wait to meet you!!

Are you looking for a true Prince? Here I am!! Yup, my name is Prince and I’m a 10 ½ year old Dutch Shepherd mix who’s looking for my furever castle!

I’ve been here since February 2021, and while they do treat me like royalty I’m ready for my own royal bed!

I know sit, stay and even shake. How cool is that? Not bad for an older guy. Please don’t let my age deter you from meeting me because I’ve got a lot of life and love left in me!

I enjoy going for walks or hikes and exploring, so if you like to do that we can be adventure buddies. I’m really looking to be your one and only because I am not a big fan of other pets, and we’d have more quality time to spend with each other!

I can’t wait to find someone to help me see all that’s out there in this big, beautiful world! If you are interested in being in the midst of royalty, give my friends at Yavapai Humane Society a call at 928.445.2666, and tell them you want to come meet me